Every program, every classroom, every person within the community strives for the highest levels of honesty, trust, courage, moral responsibility and respect. It’s part of what makes a Webb graduate someone who can be counted on to lead with sound judgment.

Thompson Webb, our founder, was fond of saying, “Without honor there can be no trust, and without trust there can be no community.” He felt, as we do today, that honor goes beyond personal integrity. It means not only knowing what is right, but also having the courage to stand up for it. It means learning to make sound moral decisions, and possessing the strength and self-discipline it takes to be a leader. Within a boarding community, such honor is a necessary element of everyday life.

The Honor Code is the cornerstone of the Webb community and student life.  It’s based on the belief that each individual must be self-governing according to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, respect and fairness.  These principles weave themselves throughout all areas of student life: academic, athletic, extracurricular, and residential.  This character education is driven by student leaders - the Honor Committee for boys, and the Honor Cabinet for girls.  Each group works to positively impact both the understanding of the schools’ standards of conduct as well as affect positive behavior in the student body.  In the event that a disciplinary process must begin, student leaders, in conjunction with school administration, faculty and staff, head up the proceedings, and issue a verdict to the Head of Schools.  

The goal of the Honor Code is to create and uphold a standard of positive behavior that will support a mutually-supportive, trust-based community based on these core values of honor, service, and leadership.