· Saturday, February 28, HSPDP League Invitational 5 – St. Margaret’s Episcopal School

· Sunday, May 3, HSPDP Championship, Claremont McKenna College


Current Topics (Feb. 28th Debate)

  • Congress should approve President Obama’s draft legislation authorizing the use of military force against ISIS.

  • The US should engage in geo-engineering to address climate change.

Past Topics

•  California should legalize physician-assisted suicide.

•  The support slogan, “Je suis Charlie,” does more harm than good.

•  Tax Sugar

•  Disinviting college/university speakers does more good than harm

•  The term for the U.S. House of Representatives should increase from 2 to 4 years

•  The U.S. should pay ransom in cases of kidnapping by terrorists


The Webb Schools Debate Team and Program

The Debate Team began in earnest at Webb in 2009, thanks to the leadership of two motivated students. The team now has more than 40 active members who participate in league debates, as well as a thriving afternoon training program for new and experienced debaters. The team won a League Championship in the 2012-2013 season.

The Webb Schools Debate Team is a member of the High School Public Debate Program, which uses a Parliamentary style, and is sponsored by the Claremont Colleges Debate Union. Webb competes against more than 15 public and private schools in Southern California, including Upland High School, Sage Hill School, St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, Compton High School, and Pasadena Polytechnic School.

Many Webb debaters gained experience in middle school and have attended the summer program run by the Claremont Colleges. However many students learn and fall in love with debate for the first time at Webb. Ample support is given to newcomers through the afternoon training program, as well as extensive mentorship between veteran debaters and new members. 

For more information about the team, please contact our coach, Jessica Fisher, Chair of History & Humanities at