History and Humanities

History is more than facts and dates; it's an ongoing dialogue between present and past that illuminates the future. Webb students become part of that dialogue, forming their own understanding of history and learning to appreciate its relevance to today's issues.

Webb's history curriculum is developed in partnership with English and Fine Arts, combining primary and secondary sources, literature, and art to illustrate historical values, conflicts, and processes. Each unit is organized around a single overarching theme, reinforced with compelling enrichment opportunities, from producing original radio documentaries to designing microfinance investment proposals for real small businesses in the developing world.

Single-sex classes for ninth- and tenth-grade students share the same themes and expectations, but adjust their lesson structures, classroom dynamics, and even their choice of present-day reference points to better suit each sex -- and the unique strengths of each group of students.

Through the study of history, Webb students develop a deeper understanding of the forces that shape our world, while honing the moral reasoning and agility of mind they'll need for a lifetime of leadership.

Family History Project  -
Family History Project 
United States History students discover a narrative of their past through research on family origins.