Plugging in and Being Unplugged

Teachers at Webb are constantly experimenting with the latest technology. Whether exploring the iPad’s classroom applications or considering the ways online texts and eReaders have transformed reading practices, our faculty is aware of the changing educational landscape brought on by recent technological advancements. Yet, we are also aware of the importance of human connection in a real learning community and the ways that technology can take over if we aren’t careful. 

The school's technology resources are state-of-the-art and, even more importantly, they have been implemented efficiently and with one goal in mind: to improve the quality of education in all subject areas.

Webb’s technology tools are as exceptional as our teachers and they provide countless opportunities for students to expand their horizons – from participating in a model United Nations conference via the Internet to constructing a virtual molecule with software. Using the most advanced technology available, such as Webb’s scanning electron microscope (an instrument most often found in a college lab), our students are doing work usually reserved for graduate school. The Webb Observatory houses a Celestron-14 telescope. Classrooms are electronically outfitted and feature SmartBoards and projectors. Webb’s Electronic BroadBand Information Expressway (or WEBBIE as it is commonly known) links it all – dorms, classrooms, labs and the library.