Notable Alumni

Webb is proud of our diverse alumni body. Here are some examples of alumni of all generations who are distinguishing themselves around the globe in a variety of fields, industries and interests. Please share your milestones and achievements with us at

  • Thomas Chandler '30 (1911-1996)

    Thomas Alden Chandler ’30 was the founder of the Chandler School, an independent day school for kindergarten through grade 8, located in Pasadena, CA.

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  • David Winfield Scott '33 (1916-2009)

    David Winfield Scott ’33, PhD was a noted American artist and founding director of the National Museum of American Art at the Smithsonian Institute.

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  • Alphonzo Bell '34 (1914-2004)

    Alphonzo Bell Jr. ’34 was an eight-term United States Representative who represented Los Angeles’ influential Westside from 1960 to 1977.

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  • Howell Webb '35 (1918-1993)

    Howell Webb ’35 was the founding headmaster of Foothill Country Day School in Claremont.

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  • Clifford S. Heinz, Jr. ’37 (1919-2015)

    Thompson Webb once said, “The crowning achievement of a headmaster is his alumni.” Clifford Stanton Heinz, Jr. ’37 embodied this achievement – a shining example of leadership, a life of purpose and principle, and a warm and caring heart.

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  • Charles E. Scripps '37 (1920-2007)

    Charles E. Scripps ’37 was chairman of the board of the E. W. Scripps Company, a media conglomerate founded by his grandfather, Edward W. Scripps.

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  • Art Clokey '39 (1921-2010)

    Art Clokey '39

    He once was a little green clump of clay…until Art Clokey '39 turned him into Gumby! Since 1955, Gumby has been a familiar presence on television and in pop culture; he was even featured in a 1995 film: Gumby: The Movie.

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  • Otis Booth Jr. '40 (1923-2008)

    Otis Booth Jr. ’40 was the great-grandson of General Harrison Gray Otis, founder of the Los Angeles Times.

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  • Louis Osborne '40 (1923-2012)

    Louis S. Osborne '40 is recognized as a pioneer in high-energy physics, who developed many of the experimental techniques that are standard practice today.

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  • First Families of the American West: Boeing

    1933 Boeing F2B-1 or F3B-1

    William "Bill" Boeing ’42 (1922-2015) was the only son of William E. Boeing, Sr., founder of the Boeing Aircraft Company an American multinational aerospace and defense corporation which was established in 1916, a year before the start of World War I, the first ever aviation war. Throughout the war, Boeing Sr. supplied the U.S. Navy with seaplanes which were capable of water landings.

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  • James Burke '42

    James D. Burke ’42 is a retired JPL lunar settlement and exploration expert. He participated in early lunar programs, becoming project manager of Ranger, the first American effort to land operating instruments on the moon.

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  • George F. Getty ’42 (1924-1973)

    George F. Getty ’42 served as executive vice president and chief operating officer of Getty Oil until his death. The Getty Oil Company was founded by his father, J. Paul Getty, and grandfather, George Sr.

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  • Al Hastings '42 (1923-2012)

    Al Hastings ’42 was a Webb trustee for 38 years and served as Chairman of the Board from 1969 to 1973. While serving as Chairman, Hastings was instrumental in hiring Stephen Longley to be headmaster of the school from 1973 until his untimely death in 1979; Longley’s wife Ann, became the founding headmistress of Vivian Webb School.

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  • Louis B. Fleming '43 (1925-2011)

    Louis B. Fleming '43 (1925-2011)

    Louis Fleming '43 was one of the first foreign correspondents for the Los Angeles Times and established bureaus for the newspaper at the United Nations and in Rome.

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  • First Families of the American West: The Mudd Family

    Dr. Seeley Wintersmith Mudd II '43 was the only son of Dr. Seeley Greenleaf Mudd, a prominent philanthropist in the early 1900’s.

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  • John Marin '44 (1926-2011)

    John Marin ’44 was a founding member of Sports Illustrated and a Senior Advisor at Time Inc. He also worked for such noteworthy publications as LIFE, People, and the California Magazine.

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  • James Watkins '44 (1927-2012)

    Admiral James D. Watkins '44

    Admiral James D. Watkins ’44 was a former Chief of Naval Operations who also served as U.S. Secretary of Energy during the George H. W. Bush Administration.

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  • John R. Davis, Jr. '45

    Seal of the US State Department

    John R. Davis, Jr. '45, was Ambassador to Poland from 1988-90 and Ambassador to Romania from 1992-94.

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  • Newton Russell '45 (1927-2013)

    A state senator who served in the state legislature for 32 years, Newton R. Russell '45 represented the 21st District, which included Glendale, Burbank and Pasadena.

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  • Rollin Post '47 (1930-2011)

    Rollin Post '47

    Respected TV journalist Rollin Post '47 covered nine presidential campaigns, 18 national political conventions, and a multitude of state and local contests.

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