Liu/Cheung Theater in the Susan A. Nelson Center for Performing Arts

Fine and Performing Arts students at Webb have facilities to learn and develop skills across a broad spectrum of visual, dramatic, musical and digital arts.

Copeland Donahue Theater and Digital Media Studio

Created through a gift by Jim '42 and Lin Burke, the Copeland Donahue Theater is truly “unbounded” in many ways. The theater is a type often called a Black Box because of its plain, black interior. This style allows for a more flexible performance space and is a favorite for non-traditional theater productions. In addition, the theater holds a hi-tech digital media studio for creating cutting-edge digital works. Yet perhaps even more forward-thinking than these features is the design of the theater itself. From concept through construction, both the building and grounds were planned with sustainability  as a priority. The theater and the art installation on the adjacent hillside each won on an Excellence in Design Award from the City of Claremont in 2009.

The theater has quickly become a new center for the Fine and Performing Arts at Webb. It has hosted plays, concerts, art shows and guest artist lectures as well as theater arts and digital media classes.

Art Studio

Visual arts students use drawing, painting, sculpting, ceramics and other techniques to explore and reflect upon their world with creativity. The art studio also includes wood-working equipment, a smelting furnace, a ceramics wheel, a kiln and student gallery space.

Susan A. Nelson Center for the Performing Arts

The newly renovated theater complex of the Susan A. Nelson Performing Arts Center, with its state-of-the-art technology, seating, stage, and back-of-the-house, also houses innovative next-generation classroom spaces. Together with the award-winning Copeland Donahue Black Box Theater and Digital Media Studio, more than $6 million has been devoted to enhancing the arts at Webb.

The center’s Liu Cheung Theater seats nearly 300 and features a state-of-the-art control booth with professional grade lighting and sound systems, two spotlights, a cyclorama with LED lighting, a sprung floor on the stage, lighting catwalks, a rehearsal room and a dedicated machine shop for fabricating sets and props.

Students and visitors to the center are welcomed by the soaring sculpture “Lead Singers,” created by longtime Webb art teacher Blair Maffris.