For more than 40 years Webb students have spun discs, relayed the news and shared their views on the schools' beloved radio station, KWEB.

It all started in 1957 with a mixer, a short wave radio and a reel-to-reel tape recorder. The equipment has changed throughout the years, but not the unbounded spirit of broadcasting to the masses - or in our case, the Internet.

Each year on Alumni Day, KWEB opens its doors to former students who worked at the radio station. We've collected great stories over the years - such as the one about the boys who climbed trees to run antenna wire to improve the station's reception, and the one about a group in the late 1960's that got an express delivery of the Beatles White Album and were among the first in the country to send it out over the airwaves. Another student fondly recalls the day a record company mistakenly sent an album of Lenny Bruce material, uncut and uncensored then contacted the station requesting the material be destroyed. In the 70's one of our students who went on to earn a BS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University completely rebuilt the transmitter with help from his friends. The station was fitted with a new antenna system and KWEB became FM stereo. Today KWEB prides itself on being one of the first school radio stations to introduce ''streaming'' radio via the Internet.


KWEB broadcasts on the Internet twenty-four hours per day. Live broadcasting takes place from 7-10:00 p.m. PST Sundays through Thursdays while school is in session. Each shift is handled by student deejays working alone or in pairs. Webb School of California and Vivian Webb School each supply two station managers and together they directly oversee operations and 50 student deejays. Faculty advisor Sarah Lantz sponsors the club and directs the technical operation of the station.The station still receives promotional CDs, videos, posters and other publicity material from record companies on a regular basis. Free attendance at concerts and visits from touring artists to the station and the school are occasionally offered. KWEB is a fun way for would-be broadcasters and station managers to gain experience and show their stuff!

Mac users that are having trouble accessing the stream can download a plugin from Microsoft here.

Tune in Sunday-Thursday nights from 7 pm - 10 pm and listen to live, original radio shows brought to you by VWS and WSC students.

Thanks for listening!