Summer Peccary Trip 2012

Byline: Dr. Don Lofgren

We just returned from an amazing summer trip...the 70th Summer Peccary Trip in Webb history. During the first week of our two week trip we drove up to southwest Montana to collect Eocene mammals (35 myo) at Pipestone Springs and sites nearby. Everyone in the group found some museum quality (MQ) fossils. Highlights were Jon Gunn finding a shoulder blade of a large mammal. This was important because bones of large mammals are very rarely found at this site. Even more important was what appears to be a partial skeleton of a squirrel sized mammal found by Kevin Terris. In over 100 years of collecting at this famous site, no one has ever found an articulated mammal skeleton.

Next we drove down to southern Utah to join Dr. Farke and his group of adults that included Richard Clark (trustee), Duncan Everhart (long-time volunteer), Mike Stokes (fossil prep expert), Peter Kloess (museum intern), and Leonardo Maiorino (grad student from the University of Rome) who had been working in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah, collecting dinosaurs from the Kaiparowits Formation for a few days before we arrived. Many excellent specimens were found. The best was a partial skull of the crested duck-billed dinosaur Parasaurolophus found by Richard Clark. We spent this second week collecting fossils in support of various student research projects supervised by Dr Farke. We did a lots of sight-seeing on the trip as well. We all returned to Webb on August 8th. Now its time to prepare for the start of school. Laudate Deum!


Webb Faculty: Will Allan ‘94, Kevin Quick, and Sadie Kingsbury.

Webb Students: Seraphina Oney '12, Jon Gunn ’13, Annisa Herrero ’13, Michelle Huber 13, Jack Gilliat ’13, Cole Henry ’13, Landen Taflinger ’13, Miya Wensley ’13, Kristina Oney ’14, Christian Quick ’14, Gabe Gosney ’14, Skyler Marquez ’14, Tristan Duque ’14, Siri Dominguez ’15, Maia Dominguez ’15, Maddie Gaumer ’15, Jackie Withey ’15, Annie Childress ’15, Bob Stoddard ’15, Cathy Chang ‘15, Arthur Chang ’16, Armen Chalian ’16, Matthew Lee '16, William Martinez '16, and Kate Lofgren ’16. Alumni: Kathleen Terris ’07 and Kevin Terris ’09.