Bristol Bay, Alaska Under Threat

Bristol Bay, Alaska is a place of unprecedented beauty and America’s last, clean seafood resource. In an October 20th Huffington Post article, photographer Robert Glenn Ketchum '66 blogs about the pending corporate threat to develop the region for copper and gold mining.

Excerpt: "Southwest Alaska and Bristol Bay comprise a relative undisturbed habitat that supports the most productive wild salmon fishery and one of the largest herring fisheries in the history of the world. Generating in excess of $100,000,000 dollars annually, this well-managed renewable resource employs thousands of people and represents the last major American fishery in North America that has not been tainted by industrial accident. Home to substantial populations of eagle, bear, wolf, caribou and many smaller mammals, as it is also the most biologically diverse freshwater system in the U.S." Click here for complete article and more photographs.