Photojournalism 101

Byline: Scott Nichols

Try as I might to deny my ultimate destiny of becoming a teacher (my entire immediate family are or were teachers, save a few exceptions), I gladly accepted an invitation to guest lecture in Mr. Shin’s Journalism class earlier this week. Having written for my college newspaper back in the day, I found the chance to work with Webb’s budding writers and photographers an exciting prospect.

I came armed with two examples of excellence in photojournalism – one from photographer Don Bartletti and writer Jerome Adamstein at the L.A. Times, and the other was the current Pulitzer Prize winner for Feature Photography, Craig F. Walker of the Denver Post. But why show photojournals of immigrant deportations and a soldier’s battle with PTSD? “Because it’s important to tell the story with the image, let it do the work for you,” I told the class.

To give the students a more relevant example of photojournalism at work in their lives, I pointed to the weekly series I put together, The Week @ Webb. As we ran through one of the recent galleries, I explained that while there may not be a full story behind each picture, it was easy to create a narrative with a collection of photographs.

For this week’s collection of pictures, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the student photographs during our out-of-the-classroom field work. I have always enjoyed the refreshing candor and true emotions the students have with each other, especially when one of them is wielding a camera.