Advising Program

Student Advisors

We know that making the transition to a new school can be challenging, particularly for boarding students who are far from home for the first time. That's why each Webb student has an advisor they can turn to for individualized support and guidance.

Advisors are mentors who assist students with their adjustment to campus life, educate students on the many resources Webb has to offer, and provide advice on everything from time management to Webb's customs and traditions. Students join their advisors for weekly meetings (both one on one and in small groups), dinners, and periodic off-campus activities, allowing advisors to get to know each student and discuss and resolve any issues that may arise.

The advisor also serves as the primary point of contact for parents. Advisors are familiar with each student's schedule, classes, teachers, and activities, as well as the student's academic standing and emotional well-being. The advisor can answer questions about the student's progress and advise parents on the best options for addressing specific concerns.

International Advisors

Webb is a truly international community, with students hailing from more than a dozen different countries. To help our international students acclimate and deal with the many practical challenges of starting school in a foreign country, Webb provides a special team of international student advisors.

Naturally, each international student also has a student advisor, just like every Webb student. However, the international advisors can offer additional support with logistical issues like travel arrangements, setting up bank accounts and telephone service, obtaining transportation to and from the airport, and finding host families for holidays.

At the beginning of the school year, Webb also provides a special one-day orientation program for international students that includes social events, shopping trips, and advice for students and families on how to furnish a dorm room.