Parents with teenagers think a lot about college: choosing the right school and preparing for the application process. But how do you prepare your kids to survive and thrive once they're accepted to the college of their choice?

Boarding provides the adult guidance students need today while building the self-reliance and maturity they'll need in college and beyond.

One of the best ways is with a Webb boarding education. Boarding provides a safe environment for kids to explore their independence and learn to take responsibility for their own lives. Adult dorm heads are always there for support and supervision, but boarders are responsible for getting themselves out of bed, doing their homework, and balancing work and fun. Boarding gives students the structure and adult guidance they need today while building the self-reliance and maturity they'll need in college and beyond.

Not only does boarding give kids a huge advantage in adapting to the college environment, studies show that boarding students are more likely to advance quickly in their chosen careers, enjoy greater levels of prosperity, and lead fulfilling, active lives.


The boarding experience offers lessons in civic responsibility that no classroom can teach and presents endless opportunities for leadership. Webb boarders live, work, and play alongside peers from different countries and cultures, experiencing firsthand how their individual choices can shape their community. Boarding at Webb is also an extraordinary opportunity to form real connections with people from around the world.

Boarding is a deeply rewarding experience, and it's a lot of fun, resulting in lasting memories and lifelong friendships. Many alumni consider it the highlight of their time at Webb and a cornerstone of their future success.