Leadership Program

The core of Webb's mission is leadership development: cultivating new generations of leaders who can transform their communities and their world in meaningful, positive ways.

At Webb, our vision of leadership is based on writer Robert K. Greenleaf's model of "servant leadership": leaders who are driven not by a desire for power and authority, but by a profound interest in serving the people around them. Servant leadership emphasizes characteristics like empathy, forward thinking, and the ability to bridge different perspectives and points of view.

At Webb, leadership is not about power and authority, but about service to the people around you.

Webb offers a host of opportunities for students to take on significant leadership roles in our community, from the Associated Student Body, our student government, to the Honor Cabinet and Honor Committee, which play a crucial part in upholding the Honor Code, Webb's code of conduct and ethics. Other examples include:

Student Ambassadors

Dorm Prefects and Counselors

Chapel Council

Peer Advisors

Service Council

Inter-club Council

Newspaper – Webb Canyon Chronicle

Yearbook – El Espejo

Campus Radio Station – KWEB

Student leadership roles at Webb are carefully tailored to match students' emotional growth and social development: as students mature, they are able to take on progressively greater responsibility. At every level, adult mentors provide appropriate training, monitor students' progress, and offer guidance about the true nature and purpose of leadership.