The Webb Schools Handbook

Letter to the Webb Community

 Dear Webbies,

Welcome to the 2016‐2017 school year. We hope you will find this
handbook to be more than just a list of rules and regulations. The
guidelines contained within are designed not only to help ensure your
safety and well‐being as a member of our community, but also to help
you navigate your daily lives and get the most out of the experience of
being at Webb. With that in mind, here are some tips to help make

your time here a positive one:

Treat the campus as though it is your home. Take care of common
areas and shared spaces. Recycle, keep the campus clean, and
expect the same of others.

Meet your commitments. Follow the crowd to find your daily
commitments—classes, chapels, assemblies, meetings—and be
on time. Sign in and out when you leave campus and always
be on time for check‐ins.

Stay healthy. Go to breakfast everyday and eat healthy. Your body
needs the fuel. Get plenty of sleep—on the weekdays and
weekends—and check with the Health Center when you’re not
feeling well.

Know the culture of Webb. Start by reading this handbook.
Learn about your school’s history and traditions as well as
Honor the Blue and Gold or Daughters Strong. Find out what
Principes, non Homines and Sapientia, Amicitia, atque Honor mean.
Have fun. Get to know everyone—faculty, staff, and students. Attend
and participate in school events like open dorms, poetry nights,
art cafés, and peccary trips. Sign up for weekend activities in
Hooper. Save a little time for play each and every day.

Remember, Webb is a residential community—a place to live and learn.
Take advantage of the many opportunities offered here and your Webb
experience will be filled with a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Helen Lawrence
Dean of Students
Vivian Webb School

Benjamin Farrell
Dean of Students 
Webb School of California