Congratulations to our 2016 Webb Fund March Madness Champions:
Class of 2004! 

1st and 2nd runners-up are Class of 1967 and Class of 2008 respectively. 

A very special thank you to class agents Will Habos '04 and Stephanie Ho '04 for leading 2004 to an 11th hour victory! The class secured their win by maximizing all point categories including upgrading their gifts, giving second gifts, joining our Pacesetter's Club and attending events. Special mention to Fletcher Strickler '67,
  Lexus Beaman '08  and Gabe Romero '08  for helping 1967 and 2008 score big!

And to all of our class agents and alumni councilmembers who reached out, shared our posts and contacted their classmates: THANK YOU!