COVID-19 School Year Updates

New Hybrid Educational Model

Webb will offer a new hybrid educational model for the 2020-21 school year that provides an on-campus experience (boarding and day) and a robust learning program (online) for students delayed or restricted by travel or who prefer it to start the year.

Start of Year FAQ

List of 23 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the current calendar for the 2020-21 school year?

    Our first day of scheduled classes is Monday, September 7. Additional dates, including our Opening Days and school breaks are available on our school calendar.
  • When is move-in day?

    Early move-in for select student leaders (dorm prefects, honor cabinet/committee members, international student liaisons, peer advisors and student government officers) and returning varsity athletes is Wednesday, September 2.  New student move-in and orientation will be on Friday, September 4 and returning student move-in will be on Saturday, September 5. Based on the advice of Webb’s medical advisory board, we will confirm these move-in dates in August.
  • How will orientation and class retreats be imagined for the new school year?

    We look forward to creating a new orientation and retreat program that welcomes students to campus for the start of the year, while also following all health and safety protocols that are in place. We will be working with our student leaders over the summer to reimagine and fashion an exciting and engaging start for 2020-21.
  • Will the Webb campus be open during breaks?

    Webb will provide an on-campus boarding program for all breaks. Boarding over breaks will include: 24/7 faculty and staff supervision with daily check-ins; breakfast, lunch & dinner options and local and on-campus activities. Webb will assess a nominal fee for boarding over breaks to underwrite the facilities, food, and staffing costs incurred.
  • On return to campus, what new health and safety protocols are being reviewed and considered?

    Maintaining a safe and healthy campus community and learning environment is Webb’s top priority. As such, we are committed to complying with government and agency mandates, employing best practices, making informed decisions, and establishing campus access and program controls in response to shifting local, national and global realities.
    All decisions related to campus access and operating procedures will be based on science and current data related to the spread and containment of the COVID-19 virus. The school is fortunate to have the counsel of a medical advisory board that will review and update campus access and program controls as needed to ensure the safety of the school community.

    Medical Advisory Board
    Dr. Carlos A. Baez, MD
    Family Medicine, Pomona Valley Health Center and Webb’s Consulting Physician
    Stephanie Baron, PA-C ’96
    Surgical Physician Assistant, Webb’s Health Center Director
    Dr. Daniel P. Gluckstein, MD P’05, 08
    Infectious Disease Specialist, Inland Valley Infectious Disease Group Pomona
    Dr. Sandra S. Lee, MD ’88, P’23
    Board-Certified Dermatologist, Member of the American Academy of Dermatology
    Dr. Rahmi Mowjood, DO ’90
    Family Medicine, Cucamonga Valley Medical Group Fontana
    The medical advisory board meets regularly with our Head of Schools, Assistant Head of Schools, and Director of Finance, Planning & Operations to review current COVID medical information and to determine Webb’s risk level, which in turn drives campus access and operating procedures. Further information is available here.
  • Can you describe the new hybrid educational model and how it goes beyond academic coursework and study?

    We are proud of the many ways our new hybrid educational model will provide an extraordinary education while advancing Webb’s mission and values. The flexible model offers an on-campus experience (boarding and day), and also an innovative and robust learning program (online) for students who chose it for reasons of travel delays and restrictions or because they feel it is the best program option for them as school begins in the fall.
    As part of the program, every Webb student will create a personalized learning plan. Working with students and families, plan coordinators will identify student-learning goals, assist students in navigating Webb’s offerings, provide off-campus students with connections to local resources, and work closely with advisors to ensure students are thriving.
    Webb faculty and staff will be dedicating a significant portion of the summer months to preparing the campus for students to return and to further developing our new hybrid model.
  • When is my FY21 tuition payment due?  How much should I pay?

    Webb will not re-issue enrollment agreements for the 2020-21 school year.  All students will pay the base tuition of $48,915 (less calculated financial aid), and the payment plan and tuition refund insurance option you selected on your enrollment contract will remain unchanged: for Payment Plan I, tuition is due in full on July 31st and for Payment Plan II, tuition is due in ten equal monthly payments July through April.  Affiliates Family and Tuition Refund Insurance fees will be billed, as usual, on your September account statement. If you will live on campus at any point during the year, you will be assessed boarding fees based on (and due when) you move onto campus.
    The Business Office will continue to send you monthly statements, with the exact amounts due. Staff members are always available to answer your questions; please contact us at enrollment@webb.org, or by calling (909) 482-5201.
  • When do families need to decide if their student will attend in-person or online?

    Webb will be sending out a questionnaire to families in mid-June to ascertain their preference for starting the year. Then, at least four weeks before each time-module, Webb will determine, with the guidance of our medical advisory board, what level of campus access is appropriate for that module.  At that point, personal learning plan coordinators will reach out to families to discuss plans for the next module.  We expect families will have approximately one week to decide whether they will attend in-person or online for that period of time.
  • What will the daily schedule be?

    Webb will be shifting its daily schedule to support the new hybrid model and to respond to recommendations from its medical advisory board for each time module. In the month before each time module, students will work with a personalized learning plan coordinator who will help them map out their daily schedule. The sample “day in the life” models in the Hybrid Learning Model publication will give you an idea of the full and exciting days ahead.
  • How will students complete hands on activities from home, especially science labs?

    A major component of Webb’s program is hands-on learning. The faculty is working hard to create ways for students to participate in a range of hands-on experiences, even as they are learning from home. We are working with faculty in every academic department throughout the summer. In science, for example, we are exploring both ways to support and enable student lab work at home, as well as review new online tools for science experimentation, including virtual reality labs. Finally, we are looking at reordering some of our curriculum, so that more intensive, lab-based or field-based activities might happen next spring when we have a greater chance of all students being on campus.
  • Why is Webb switching to Canvas?

    Webb was already beginning to look at moving beyond Haiku in the fall of last year. A work group of the Academic Council identified new systems, as well as discussed pedagogical needs and Canvas stood out for several reasons. It is a robust system, while others like Google Classroom or Blackbaud are designed mainly to offer assignment posting and a grade book. On the other hand, Canvas, especially with the Canvas Studio extension we are implementing, offers powerful collaboration and communication tools that enable students and faculty to create robust content within the system. It also integrates well with other systems we use, such as Office 365, which is used for email and more. It has a terrific mobile app as well.
  • How will the boarding program be adjusted at the start of the year?

    Again, the health and safety of every member of our community is paramount. We will be educating every member of our community on the latest protocols as we begin the school year and enforce strict adherence for the benefit of all. We will have more information on specific steps we are taking in August.
  • Will Webb continue to have roommates in the dorms?

    Depending on virus threat levels at the time Webb opens its campus to boarding students, our medical advisory board, on the advice of local health agencies, may require us to accommodate students in single rooms. In order to make plans for this potential outcome, we will be collecting information in early June from boarding students who are interested in remaining day students temporarily as part of a dorm preference questionnaire.  We may consider a rotating model if we are unable to open up all boarding beds in the second half of the year. Webb will strive to accommodate our students on campus to the best of our abilities within these constraints and will work with families to find local accommodations within commuting distance of campus.
  • Is my child’s dorm room guaranteed to be available if they do not return to campus in September?

    The goal is to accommodate every student when they are ready and able to return to campus—not on a first come, first served basis. Webb has enough dorm beds to serve its boarding student population—it has not and will not over enroll the boarding program.
  • How will you maintain social distance between teenagers who thrive on community?

    We know that physical connection and proximity is important to how students interact with each other. With that said, we also know that social distancing is extremely effective in stopping the spread of the virus. We will be working to educate students on the most up-to-date health and safety protocols on their return and the scientific reasons for them. We will expect everyone in the community to abide by the guidelines, just as we expect them to follow other community norms.
  • Will there be additional mental health supports available to students on their return for the school year?

    Yes, we will be adding additional resources in this area for the coming school year. Webb’s support is multi-layered and includes the Health Center, mental health counselors, peer advisors, lead class advisors and other trained faculty and staff. In addition, personal learning plan coordinators will take an active role in monitoring and assessing each student’s progress and needs in this area.
  • If team athletics are cancelled, how will Webb help student athletes remain competitive for competition in their sport? Will there be exercise programs available that allow for social distancing requirements?

    We are hopeful that competitive athletics will be possible during the coming school year—however, our participation will be guided by health and safety protocols, the work of CIF and other governing sports bodies. Additional information will likely be available in late summer. Webb’s coaches and athletic director will guide all of our student athletes to ensure they maintain their health and fitness regardless of the situation related to competitive athletics.
  • When will we know about fall athletics?

    At least one month before each time module, Webb will offer families the most recent assessment of the medical advisory board, including decisions about campus access and program restrictions. At that time, we will be able to provide the latest information about athletic programs and the likelihood of interscholastic competition during that period.
  • Beyond the academic program, how will afternoon activities work? Will afternoon activities be available to students online?

    Webb will continue to offer a series of unique and engaging afternoon activities through both our on-campus and online programs. Signature programs include robotics, debate, museum studies and more. Our hybrid model will enable us to offer afternoon activities in some new and exciting ways.
  • Will boarding students be allowed to leave campus on passes, for weekend trips, etc.?

    Webb will formulate new guidelines related to campus access and travel in concert with the medical advisory board and the advice of local health agencies. These guidelines, when created later this summer, will help inform student protocols for weekend passes and trips. Webb faculty members are committed to providing students with a vibrant residential and campus experience and will adapt programming to support these goals.
  • How will the college guidance program work at Webb during this time?

    Our college guidance experts will continue to work closely with admission offices in the most selective colleges and universities in the country and around the world. Our highly individualized four-year college guidance program is well structured to meet the evolving needs of students and families as they progress through Webb’s program. The new year will include additional online/virtual programming with Webb students, staff and college representatives around the country.
  • How will college and universities know our program remains rigorous and preparing students for college success?

    The college guidance office maintains continuous contact with admission offices at the nation’s top colleges and universities across the country and around the world. As admission reps this fall work to reorder their plans for student recruitment, they will be in communication with Webb’s college guidance office. Colleges and universities know Webb’s program well and will continue to rely on us to educate stellar graduates to join their campuses. This important work will continue in 2020-21 and beyond.
  • Can you describe how Webb will work with international students who are currently managing issues related to visas and travel restrictions?

    We are working with all of our international students to help them navigate the issues surrounding their student visas and current travel restrictions. Again, our hybrid educational model will allow all Webb students to start the new school year on time, whether or not their return to campus is delayed. If international students are unable to travel to campus by the start of the school year, they will begin the year using our online program and transition to our in-person program when travel is possible. The campus will be open to boarding students over school breaks.

Dates for 2020-21 School Year

Sept. 2-6 -- Opening Days
Sept. 7 -- First Day of Classes
Oct. 17-25 -- October Break
Nov. 25-29 -- Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 19 - Jan. 3 -- Winter Break

2020-21 Year

2020-21 Courses

Current Campus Restrictions
We are restricting public access to The Webb Schools at this time.
For members of the community, their guests and approved vendors:
DO NOT ENTER campus if you have the following symptoms: fever, cough, or respiratory difficulties;
DO NOT ENTER campus if you have recently traveled to/from an area with an outbreak of COVID-19, or have been in contact with someone who has;
Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the campus;
Only current students, employees and approved vendors are allowed anywhere on campus.
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