Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The Mission

The mission of The Webb Schools is to provide an exemplary learning community that nurtures and inspires boys and girls to become men and women who: think boldly, mindfully, and creatively; act with honor and moral courage; lead with distinction; serve with a generous spirit.

A Global Education

Located on the front porch of Claremont, Los Angeles, and the Pacific Rim, Webb is a vibrant, global learning community with students from 11 states and 16 countries. We believe diversity and inclusion are important values that strengthen our school inside the classroom and out. Our two-school educational program highlights and explores these values in such areas as gender identity, community involvement and student leadership—and also within our faculty-designed curriculum, particularly in the humanities, arts and sciences, and elsewhere. In addition, outside of our core programs students participate in both student-led and faculty-initiated activities supporting diversity and inclusion. And finally, Webb believes in supporting students who are developing their own sense of spirituality. Webb provides a robust, multi-faith chapel program, as well as supports individual students in their own religious practice.

Student Voices

Our very structure of two schools on one campus, Webb School of California (for boys) and Vivian Webb School (for girls), creates double the equitable opportunities for student leadership roles and responsibilities on campus. In addition, students sponsor a variety of clubs and participate in conferences to foster diversity and inclusion, including: NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference, Independent School Gender Project, Black Student Union,  Chinese Club, Empowering Student Voices Initiative, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Hispanic Culture Club, Interfaith Dove Chapel Illumination, Indian Culture Club, Japanese Club, Jewish Club, LGBTQ+ and Allies Club, Multicultural Awareness & Pluralism Club, and Young Feminists. Student activism in the area of diversity and inclusion has included participation in local and regional rallies and marches, the addition of a rainbow Pride flag and Transgender flag in Price Dining Hall, and more.

The student body at The Webb Schools is composed of 40% students of color, making it one of the most diverse boarding schools in America. As part of this work, the admission office partners with the following organizations to admit and enroll a more diversity and inclusive student body: A Better Chance (ABC), Independent School Alliance (ISA) and New Jersey Seed (NJ Seeds). Finally, socio-economic diversity is important to the community. Webb offers $5 million annually in financial aid to some 36% of the student body. It is an institutional goal to double the financial aid endowment available to students and families over the next decade.

Faculty and Staff Voices

In addition to designing the curriculum and residential life program to support this important work, faculty and staff also participate in a number of conferences and activities in this area, including: NAIS People of Color Leadership Conference, National Coalition of Girls Schools, International Boys’ Schools Coalition, and ongoing work is underway to best support transgender members of our community. It is also the goal of the schools and its hiring managers to increase ethnic, racial, cultural and gender balance on campus. With this in mind, Webb has entered into a new partnership with Strategenius  to increase its capacity to attract, hire, develop and support faculty and staff from underrepresented groups. 

Alumni Voices in 50 States and 43 Countries

As a result of being a global learning community for nearly 100 years, Webb has a diverse alumni body of 4,500 in all 50 states and 43 countries around the world. There are also a variety of affinity groups sponsored by the Alumni Council, including the Women of Webb and others.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is committed to increasing all aspects of diversity and inclusion on campus. Under its leadership, gender equity in senior teaching and non-teaching roles on campus has dramatically increased over the last five years. Supporting the Head of Schools on the Senior Administrative Team are four women and four men. As part of this work, it is increasing the ethnic, racial and cultural membership of the board, while also increasing gender balance in all areas of governance.

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

The Webb Schools are an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities and do not discriminate based on actual or perceived race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, pregnancy, age, marital status, military or veteran status, medical condition, gender/identity/expression, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected by state or federal law.

A Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Webb Schools are committed to fostering an inclusive school community characterized by openness, acceptance and empathy, where all members are valued, respected and supported. Our community is strengthened by the diverse views, beliefs, backgrounds and experiences of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Embracing diversity in all its many forms is essential to our mission: in particular, our call to provide an exemplary learning community that nurtures future leaders who will act with honor and moral courage, and serve with a generous spirit.
    • John Choi, DEI Coordinator, science faculty

      John Choi, DEI Coordinator, science faculty

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