From the Head of Schools

The Centennial Strategic Plan

The Centennial Plan 1922 - 2022

Looking ahead to The Webb Schools 100th anniversary in 2022, while isolation and seclusion once signified the best a boarding school education had to offer, today and in the future it must be access, connection, and engagement with the global community. As we see it then, Webb must deepen its sense of mission, sharpen its devotion to its distinctive qualities, and embrace new habits of mind to thrive in the 21st century. We are already singular in the most interesting and enduring ways:
Webb is the only boarding and day school adjacent to the Claremont Colleges, on the front porch of Los Angeles, and at the edge of the Pacific Rim;
Webb is the only school in the world home to an accredited museum of paleontology, the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology;
Webb is wholly original in its method of honoring the differences between boys and girls with a unique coordinate structure of two schools on one campus;
Webb is the only school to focus on educating unbounded thinkers ready to lead and serve a global community;
Webb is the only school whose institutional DNA was set by Thompson and Vivian Webb to graduate honorable leaders with personal integrity and moral courage.
As The Centennial dawns, through our devotion to this work I am confident that The Webb Schools will become known as one of the most relevant and dynamic boarding and day schools in the nation.
Taylor B. Stockdale
Head of Schools

The Plan

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