Mission and Values

The Webb Schools Mission Statement

The mission of The Webb Schools is to provide an exemplary learning community that nurtures and inspires boys and girls to become men and women who: think boldly, mindfully, and creatively; act with honor and moral courage; lead with distinction; serve with a generous spirit.

A Webb Education

To these ends, every part of the Webb experience reflects our commitment and dedication to:
A unique approach to single-sex education that helps boys and girls grow in confidence while learning to respect and appreciate one another.

Develop habits of mind that prepare students for the kind of creative and critical thinking that is needed in our complex global society. This includes providing abundant opportunities for exploration, discovery and unbounded thinking.

Maintain the highest standards of honor by teaching and modeling virtues of enduring worth: honesty, responsibility, respect, fairness and compassion.

Transform students’ lives through a meaningful boarding experience that nurtures independence alongside trust, empathy, leadership and a sense of belonging.

Finally, one of the hallmarks of a Webb education is the close relationships students build with each other and with adults in our community.  As a boarding school community, faculty and staff take seriously their responsibility for the care of students in loco parentis.   Policies governing these relationships can be found here

The Webb Schools Honor Code

Without honor there can be no trust, and without trust there can be no community. Honor is the cornerstone of the Webb community and is based on the belief that each individual must be self-governing according to standards of honesty, integrity, respect, and fairness. Members of the Webb community:

• Understand that right and wrong are objective and can be known.
• Act with good intent, common sense, and attention to the safety of self and others.
• Tell the truth, representing themselves honestly in word and deed to each other.
• Respect each other’s person and property. Accept responsibility not only for their actions, but also for what other members of the community do in their presence.
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