Community Voices Forum

Welcome to our new community forum for students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni focused on diversity, equity and inclusion issues at Webb and beyond.

Community Voices Forum

Join Us

Student leaders from Webb’s Empowering Student Voices Initiative imagined this forum as a tool for learning and change. Assisted by faculty and staff, the goal of the forum is to create a space for education and conversation around critical topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion. Together, we strive to support all members of our community in confronting bias through learning from each other’s experience.

How we imagine it will work – We invite posts in three categories on our @webbcommunityvoices Instagram:

Media:  Post artwork or articles that express your identity or thoughts regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, or justice. Commenting is allowed. Please look at our Shared Priniciples for Dialogue before posting.

Discussion Topics: Post a question, topic, or statement that prompts discussion related to identity, diversity, equity, inclusion, or justice to generate conversation. Please look at our Shared Principles for Dialogue before posting.

Personal Stories: Post your anonymous personal story, speaking from the “I” perspective, related to identity, diversity, equity, inclusion, or justice. Commenting is NOT allowed. Please look at our Shared Principles for Dialogue before posting.

Steps to submit a story, experience or artwork:

Follow @webbcommunityvoices on Instagram and DM us

Email webbcommunityvoices@webb.org

Shared Principles For Dialogue

As you craft your post, please keep in mind our shared principles for dialogue:

  1. How can I educate others through sharing my experience?
  2. How can I offer context to my story?
  3. How can I be calling in instead of calling out?
  4. Speak in the first person and draw from your own experience
  5. Provide as much context as possible
  6. Avoid “all” or “none” statements
  7. No personal attacks are allowed
  8. Post to educate and add value to the conversation

Again, this new forum is open to any member of the Webb community (students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni). Registered members of the forum may choose to post anonymously, though as registered members, posts will be traceable and therefore not completely anonymous.


Important Note

If you have a specific incident of bias or discrimination to report, we ask that you contact our Head of School Dr. Theresa Smith at tsmith@webb.org, our Assistant Head of School Michael Hoe at mhoe@webb.org or use our Lighthouse reporting service. Completely anonymous reports can be made through the school’s reporting service online at lighthouse-services.com/webb, by telephone at 833-430-0007 (Spanish speaking at 800-216-1288), or via email to reports@lighthouse-services.com.