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A global learning community committed to honor and moral courage—Webb is the only boarding/day school on the front porch of the Claremont Colleges and Greater Los Angeles enrolling students from 14 countries and 12 states.
Nationally recognized by the most selective colleges and universities in the country, Webb’s rigorous academic program is rooted in the liberal arts and sciences and complemented by academic partnerships with faculty at Pomona College, Harvey Mudd College, UC Riverside and beyond. The challenging curriculum is packed with ONLY AT WEBB offerings. From freshman year Evolutionary Biology, a laboratory and field study course taking advantage of our accredited Raymond Alf Museum of Paleontology, to Advanced Studies in Biotechnology where students partner with UC Riverside scientists on DNA isolation, gene cloning, and DNA analysis by electrophoresis—Webb students discover and explore with range and passion.

The scope of Webb’s humanities program is also unrivaled. Highly interdisciplinary, spanning English, history, and the arts, these ONLY AT WEBB offerings include The American Idea, Honors Ethics & Modern Global Affairs, Advanced Studies Faith Narratives of Holy Cities and many others. The arts and world languages round out one of the most engaging courses of studies offered anywhere.
Beyond the academic day, students might join the extraordinary robotics team, which just returned from competing in the World Championships, learn about and prepare to compete in debate, perform in the spring musical, or compete in one of 15 sports on the athletic field. In just the last two years alone, Webb sports teams have captured 11 League Championships.

After Webb, our graduates are prepared to thrive in college and they do. Our college placement record reflects this—over 90% of Webb graduates attend schools in the top 10% in the nation.
We truly believe Webb’s immersive educational experience is one-of-a-kind. We foster unbounded thinkers who learn and explore traditional and emerging disciplines, master skills essential to achievement in college and beyond, and embody such vital attitudes as curiosity, love of learning and a commitment to what is right and true.
To learn about Webb’s academic program, please read our piece “Learning By Design” and also our current Course Selection Guide.
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