Student Leadership at Webb

Leadership training and experience are important features of the educational program of The Webb Schools. The schools provide the preparation, training, and support through which girls and boys learn the principles and practices of effective and honorable leadership.

Over its history, The Webb Schools have developed and refined several student leadership roles. In addition, all seniors are considered to be role models and leaders for the school. Each student leadership position incorporates significant and specific practical responsibilities that make a real difference in the life of the school community.

VWS Honor Cabinet/WSC Honor Committee

Members of the VWS Honor Cabinet and WSC Honor Committee educate and inform the school community and its individual members about the nature and function of the Honor Code. Both work to encourage in all students the highest standards of personal integrity. When violations of the Honor Code occur, the Honor Cabinet and Honor Committee convene to hear such cases and to recommend appropriate responses and follow-up actions.

VWS Dormitory Councilors/WSC Prefects

VWS Dormitory Councilors and WSC Prefects are the student leaders in the dorms. Through their work with dorm heads and the deans of students, dorm councilors and prefects foster a sense of community within the dorms, plan and implement dorm-related activities, perform nightly checks, implement residential policies, and dorm clean-up and beautification activities. The dormitory council for each school is composed of the dean of students, dorm heads, and dorm councilors or prefects. The purpose of the dorm council is to enhance boarding life through improving living conditions, sponsoring special activities, communicating issues and coordinating responses with other constituencies in the Webb community. Day Student Prefects in both WSC and VWS complement the work of the DCs and Prefects, helping to bridge the day and boarding experience and providing special support and programming for day students.

International Student Liasons and Peer Advisors

International Student Liaisons
Webb is honored to have students from approximately nineteen countries around the world. International Student Liaisons play a critical role in helping to welcome and celebrate our international students. They help plan and execute orientation programs, identify and present solutions
to challenges international students face at Webb, and serve as intermediaries between faculty and students by communicating concerns
or difficulties international students are facing. ISLs also work closely with the dorm council to help support international students in the residential program.

Peer Advisors
A Peer Advisor serves as a student advisor to new students. Peer Advisors are responsible for introducing new members into the Webb community and leading freshmen through their first year during Freshman Seminar as student teachers. The Peer Advisor serves as a mentor to new students so that each new student has an automatic connection to the community. They make the first impression to new students by facilitating a group of students through the New Student Orientation Program and following their group members throughout the year, leading group discussions around a variety of health, well-being and Webb-related topics. Through their role as student teachers, Peer Advisors are assigned a class of freshmen, and attend wellness classes throughout the year. Supporting the teachers of wellness and leading class discussions, students begin the year as participants and end the year as full instructors. The ultimate goal of the Peer Advising program is to support student health and wellness through a process of direct peer mentoring.

Webb Student Government

The Student Government develops activities, initiatives, and policies on behalf of its student constituents and the school while fostering constructive communication among students, faculty, and administration. Additionally, Student Government is responsible for encouraging positive school spirit. Students are elected to the positions of class presidents and vice presidents, and to the executive offices of presidents and vice presidents, through a process of application and speeches, followed by a student vote. Other officers may be placed in their positions by appointment. In addition to serving as members of the school-wide Student Government, class officers also lead their classes, hold regular class meetings, address issues of importance to the class, and organize class activities.

Day to Day Leadership Roles

There are many opportunities for Webb students to lead outside of year-long formal leadership roles. In the arts, stage managers are charged with leading a performance project, section leaders guide the development of fellow musicians, and arts committee helps to plan arts café and other art-centered events on campus. In athletics, team captains support their teams for the season. Founding a club is a terrific opportunity to try out leadership in an area of special interest. The Student Weekend Activities Group allows students to have a voice in planning the weekend program. Students should be sure to read the Student News group where possibilities to play a lead role in a community effort appear all the time – recent examples include student representatives on the Transgender Guidelines Task Force and the planning committee for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Assembly.

Specialized Leadership at Webb

Webb students play a critical role as leaders in a variety of programs on campus, from chapel council to our admissions program, from the student newspaper and beyond. These year-long positions are open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors regardless of other leadership positions.

Admission Fellows

Fellows not only give tours to prospective families, but are often called upon to tour members of our Board of Trustees, visiting heads of schools, alumni and teaching candidates. Fellows assist in the training of new Admission Ambassadors and play a significant role in the execution of admission events including our Parent Information Night, Discover Webb Day, Revisit Day and other events as necessary throughout the school year. Given the classroom commitments required of both, students are discouraged from serving as both a Peer Advisor and an Admission Fellow.

Chapel Council

The Chapel Council organizes and leads Webb’s non-denominational chapel programs and services, an important tradition at the school. Chapel Council helps plan for speakers from both within and outside of the Webb community for Sunday Chapel with an eye toward creating a relevant and meaningful experience for the community.

The Webb Canyon Chronicle

Student journalists may apply to be editors for The Webb Canyon Chronicle, the school’s news publication. In addition to Editors-in-Chief, students fill the role of Section and Format Editors.

Service Council

While at Webb, students challenge themselves to live out our mission, including the commitment to serve with a generous spirit. As a result, most Webb students find themselves involved in community partnership
48 activities through their clubs, leadership groups, sports, afternoon activities, and following their own individual passions. Service Council leaders deepen and enhance these activities by bringing volunteer projects to campus (including the Red Cross Blood Drive, Foothill Family Shelter Thanksgiving Basket Drive, Relay for Life), coordinating weekend runs to connect students with volunteer opportunities off campus, and facilitating opportunities for social justice advocacy and education.
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