Unbounded Thinking

Unbounded Thinking Across Disciplines

Unbounded thinking is in our blood, in our DNA as a school. From the earliest days of founding, Webb faculty have led and innovated as educators.

Unbounded Courses 2018

As a college preparatory school and an institution focused on preparing students for the rigors of a shifting global community, Webb knows that high-level thinking skills are critical for success. All of our classes challenge students to test their own ideas, shatter their preconceptions, and devise original solutions for complex problems—to be unbounded thinkers. Our goal is for each student to find his or her own voice—eloquently expressed, unfettered by assumptions, and informed by sound critical and ethical reasoning.

To compliment the regular curriculum, Webb also mounts an Unbounded Days program every two years. During our five-day program, students participate in an immersive learning experience chosen from a catalogue of over thirty offerings. As our program philosophy explains, “Through immersive, collaborative, relevant, and deeply engaging journeys that connect the classroom and broader world, students expand their understanding of what it means to think, create, and reflect.” Whether studying geology, marine biology, and environmental science in the field as part of a trip to the Channel Islands, exploring professions as diverse as politics, medicine, and filmmaking as part of a careers internship program, or learning about the intersection of visual and performing arts through an intensive exploration of Los Angeles’ vibrant art scene, our students are seeing their studies in new ways.
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