The Student Experience


A global learning community of high school students committed to honor and moral courage - Webb is the only boarding and day school on the front porch of the Claremont Colleges and Greater Los Angeles enrolling students from 14 countries and 12 states.

As a result, The Webb Schools, rank in the top echelon of U.S. boarding schools in selectivity, breadth of advanced coursework, highest SAT averages, student diversity, and degreed faculty.

Unexpected Connections

That’s what unbounded learning is all about at Webb—and it starts with innovative courses that inspire you to think independently, work and learn and lead collaboratively, and communicate effectively.
Mirroring the best colleges and universities, at Webb we are blurring the lines between traditional disciplines. While your freshman and sophomore years establish a solid core of knowledge and build important skills, your junior and senior years are focused on college-level advanced studies that incorporate independent research and fieldwork.


Webb offers 35 Advanced Studies and AP courses across five departments: Humanities, Science, Mathematics, World Languages and Fine Arts.
Many of Webb’s faculty-designed Advanced Studies electives include exciting academic partnerships. For example:
LA Literary Culture. Get outside and explore the literary culture of L.A. from the 1800s to present, especially the relationship between film and literature and the rise of noir.
Anatomy & Physiology. Focus on an integrated study of each system of the human body. Involves virtual and hands-on lab experiences at Western University of Health Sciences.
Biotechnology. Using cutting-edge equipment at Webb and UC Riverside’s Neil A. Campbell Science Learning Laboratory, learn DNA isolation, gene cloning, DNA barcoding, bacterial and plant transformation and more.

Our Mission

The mission of The Webb Schools is to provide an exemplary learning community that nurtures and inspires boys and girls to become men and women who: think boldly, mindfully, and creatively; act with honor and moral courage; lead with distinction; serve with a generous spirit.
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