The Student Experience

Health and Wellness

A Healthy Webb Community

The good health and wellness of the Webb community is something we take very seriously. We work hard to balance the academic day, afternoon activities, and evening commitments in a way that students, faculty and staff can thrive. Through a variety of services and programming, we strive to meet the needs of everyone in our vibrant and active community.
Health Center
Our robust Health Center is led by Stephanie Baron, PA-C and staffed with 10 RNs, two counselors, one physician’s assistant and an MD by consultation. We offer primary medical care, following protocols to treat common ailments, medication administration, counseling services, first aid, health education, immunization review and more. In addition, the staff offers transportation services to outside appointments: medical, dental, mental health, orthodontics, physical therapy, and others.
Counseling Services
Our Health Center on campus offers confidential counseling services through two mental health professionals on staff. In addition, we also arrange for outside professional counseling utilizing local providers on an as-needed basis.
Peer Advisors
Peer Advisors work to introduce and help integrate new members into the Webb community. As trained student leaders, Peer Advisors mentor freshman through their first year as student teachers in Freshman Seminar. The ultimate goal of the program is to support student health and wellness through a process of direct student mentoring.
Faculty/Student Advising Program
While all students will come to know many members of the faculty and staff on an informal basis, each student has a faculty advisor with whom they can discuss matters of interest and concern—academic and personal. Each advising group typically meets once a week. The program is built to foster trusting relationships between students and their advisor, while also providing a center of mutual support, interest and activity.
No Harassment Policy
We accept members into the community without reference to their race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status. As members of this community, we strive to develop meaningful relationships based on respect and consideration for one another. We consider how our words and actions may affect others as well as reflect on ourselves. As a diverse community, we aim to foster an environment that genuinely encourages respectful expression of differing ideas and values. Discriminatory conduct, whether on or off school campus, is a serious school offense.
Technology and Social Media
Students have access to a comprehensive technology network that provides excellent resources and opportunities. With this, students must understand and accept the responsibilities involved in the use of this network. Honesty and respect for others and their property are cornerstones of Webb’s Honor Code, and these principles apply to the use of all technology and social media. Communication that takes place over email, via posts on social media sites, and text messages should all follow respectful guidelines in terms of content and tone.
    • Health Center Staff (l-r): Amy Lopez RN, Melanie Bauman Director of Counseling, Mary Stevens RN, Daniel Rios Counselor, Stephanie Baron PA-C

      Health Center Staff (l-r): Amy Lopez RN, Melanie Bauman Director of Counseling, Mary Stevens RN, Daniel Rios Counselor, Stephanie Baron PA-C

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