The Student Experience

Leadership and Community Service

At Webb, our vision of leadership is based on a model of "servant leadership": leaders who are driven not by a desire for power and authority, but by a profound interest in serving the people around them. Servant leadership emphasizes characteristics like empathy, forward thinking, and the ability to bridge different perspectives and points of view. Again, at Webb, leadership is not about power and authority, but about service to the people around you.

Student Leadership

Webb offers a host of opportunities for students to take on significant leadership roles in our community, from the Associated Student Body, our student government, to the Honor Cabinet and Honor Committee, which play a crucial part in upholding the Honor Code, Webb's code of conduct and ethics. Other examples include:

Student Ambassadors
Dorm Prefects and Counselors
Chapel Council
Peer Advisors
Service Council
Inter-club Council
Newspaper – Webb Canyon Chronicle
Yearbook – El Espejo
Campus Radio Station – KWEB

Student leadership roles at Webb are carefully tailored to match students' emotional growth and social development: as students mature, they are able to take on progressively greater responsibility. At every level, adult mentors provide appropriate training, monitor students' progress, and offer guidance about the true nature and purpose of leadership.

Student Service

Service to the community is an essential part of Webb's philosophy of leadership development, whether the community is a single dormitory, the Claremont-Pomona area, or an entire nation. At Webb, we believe that service should be a calling, not an obligation, so community service hours are not required, but the rewards of service are immense, and we encourage every student to get involved.

While some projects occasionally involve fundraising, our approach to community service strongly emphasizes hands-on participation. We believe students gain the most when they can see the direct results of their work and realize just how powerful their service can be. 

Webb has an ongoing relationship with 15 local agencies and some of our service opportunities include:
  • Working with special needs children through Ability First
  • Preparing books to send to inmates at the Prison Library Project
  • Building houses with Habitat for Humanity
  • Assisting elderly residents of the nearby Sunrise Senior Center
  • Tutoring local elementary school students through CLASP (Claremont After-School Program)
  • Cleaning up Southern California beaches with members of Webb's Project Earth group
  • Organizing AIDS awareness events through the Global Citizens Corp
  • Helping place dogs and cats in new homes with HOPE (Helping Out Pets Everyday)
  • Running an annual blood drive for the Red Cross.
Students can work with these and other organizations either as an afternoon activity or in their free time on weekends. There are usually at least four to five service opportunities per month.

Service Abroad

Service opportunities aren't limited to the local area. Each year, Webb's Service Council organizes international service trips over spring and summer breaks, involving everything from building schools to assisting with tsunami relief. Past destinations have included Peru, Fiji, Ecuador, Romania, Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica and Thailand.

The Webb Schools Honor Code

Without honor there can be no trust, and without trust there can be no community. Honor is the cornerstone of the Webb community and is based on the belief that each individual must be self-governing according to standards of honesty, integrity, respect, and fairness. Members of the Webb community:

• Understand that right and wrong are objective and can be known.
• Act with good intent, common sense, and attention to the safety of self and others.
• Tell the truth, representing themselves honestly in word and deed to each other.
• Respect each other’s person and property. Accept responsibility not only for their actions, but also for what other members of the community do in their presence.
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