Teachers of Webb

As we gear up for Webb's centennial celebration in 2022, the Alumni Council invites all members of the Webb community to participate in the Teachers of Webb Project.
We can all agree that the teachers made a major impact on every student's experience. To that end, the Alumni Council invites you to share a favorite story or remembrance of a Webb teacher, current or former, to be added to the school archives. Some of these stories are reflected here.

List of 14 news stories.

  • VIDEO: Hometown Hero Dan Pride

    Coach Dan Pride was an integral part of Webb's Athletics Department for 20 years, coaching football, basketball, and softball. When he retired from Webb in 2008, he returned to his hometown of Ironton, Ohio. He is now featured in the film "Hometown Hero" by fellow Ironton High School teacher Travis Kleinman. 
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  • Jean E. Miller

    Jean E. Miller In Memoriam

    We learned from Jinx Tong (VWS dean from 1991-1996, and director of residence from 1983-1991) that Jean E. Miller passed away on Tuesday, May 22 at the age of 90 years old.
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  • Hank Sharp, Webb Faculty from 1975-1981

    Henry Sharp, better known as Hank, passed away on October 4, 2017.
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  • Ramsay Harris

    The Protean Life of Ramsay Harris

    Thomas Butterworth '63
    In fulfillment of his official duties at Webb, Ramsay taught history, English literature, Latin, and occasionally one of the Bible classes. Of course, he also performed the daily duties required of a faculty member at the time, presiding over study hall, serving as Officer of the Day, giving the occasional chapel talk and making himself available for nearly any activity that one or more students were enthused about. Who could forget Ramsay saying in study hall, "Gentlemen, sharpen your wits, not your pencils."
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  • Jacques and Mimi Pauwels

    Jacques and Mimi Pauwels

    Students who experienced French class with Jacques Pauwels or enjoyed the warm and gracious hospitality of Jacques and his wife Mimi in their home on the Webb campus throughout the 1970s, 80s and 90s, remember a family that happily and generously provided a “home-away-from-home” for scores of boarding students, and a teacher who encouraged and motivated his students to appreciate the value of learning another language.
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  • Dave Facett '61 with his wife, Diane Wilsdon

    Interview with David Fawcett '61

    Watch alumnus and former faculty member David Fawcett ’61 describe how he came to Webb as a student and then as a teacher. Fawcett recalls how the presence of girls on campus changed the school (and the boys) and he shares his thoughts on what he views as the most valuable feature of Webb – the honor code.
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  • D. Murray Alexander: Physics is Phun!

    Jim Hall '59
    Mr. Alexander started out his Junior Physics class at Webb by writing “Physics is Phun!” on the blackboard. (Yes, we had blackboards in the ‘50s, and they worked!)
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  • Brooks Hoar '40

    Brooks Hoar '40: Notes on Character

    Brooks Hoar '40 shares a humorous account about Thompson Webb, a race horse, and Bill Boeing '42.
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  • Jim Hall '59

    Interview with Jim Hall '59

    Jim Hall ’59 recounts his Webb days with personal stories and recollections, from chapel visits with his father to peccary trips as a student with Ray Alf. Hall narrates what campus life was like back in the 1950s, remembering the “extraordinary,” “astonishing,” and “intellectually engaged” faculty whom he had the honor of being their student.
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  • Michael Parmer

    Michael Parmer (Foreign Languages 1977-1992)

    "Mr. Parmer was unafraid to teach unconventionally when he saw inspiration come to a student in less convential circumstances...Somehow I became instantly fluent only when I crossed his magical threshold."
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  • The Great Ones: Gordon and Mollie Wilson

    We remember with fondness and gratitude the lives of Gordon A. Wilson and Mollie C. Wilson, forever part of Webb’s history. Mr. Wilson passed away in 1974 and Mrs. Wilson lived many more years in Big Bear Lake, having recently passed away on June 13, 2017 just one month shy of her 105th birthday.
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  • Blair Maffris in Joshua Tree National Park in the spring of 2012. Photo by Ryan Au '12.

    Blair Maffris, Art Teacher from 1978-2015

    "He trained me how to see, taught me how to surf, and showed me how to turn “mistakes” into a discovery."
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  • Steve Hanley, English Teacher from 1961-1969

    Steven J.B. Hanley passed away on December 24, 2015.
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  • Rick Whyte '57, Principes non Homines

    Faculty legend, alumnus, and friend Rick Whyte '57 passed away on July 28,. 2013. Rick devoted his life to Webb - beginning in his 8th grade year in the summer of 1952. After graduating Webb in 1957 and attending Amherst College, Rick returned to campus as the last teacher hired by Thompson Webb before his retirement in 1962.
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