In 2019, VWS volleyball secured its second league championship in two years. The volleyball program is one of Webb’s most admired and supported athletic endeavors. In addition to its accolades, the volleyball team prides itself on being a true family, with players committed to supporting each other as they strive each year to improve their game and unite as true representatives of The Webb Schools.

VWS Volleyball League Championship

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Over the last eight years, Coach Alvarado has coached a few sports at Webb, including volleyball, basketball and badminton. This season, she steps into the post of VWS volleyball coach.

Alvarado brings an admirable coaching philosophy with her to the court.

“The scoreboard does not matter as long as we commit to each other and play with heart,” she said.

This season, Alvarado is urging her players to focus on growing individually and as a team, on and off the court. A league championship is always on the mind, but ultimately building the program for future seasons is the main priority.

For the 2022-23 season, the team will be run by strong experienced student leadership from returning athletes.

“We have a tough league ahead of us and are looking forward to giving every team a run for their money,” Alvarado said.


Dakota Fabro is Webb’s assistant volleyball coach.

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