Webb won its first league championship in baseball in 1931. Since then, Webb has managed its way to the title nine times. Over the last 10 years, the baseball program has developed into a regional powerhouse. Recent league championships were secured in 2012, 2013 and 2019.

Emblazoned on the back of their shirts, the team’s motto is “Hum You”— defined as “an expression of encouragement, approval, togetherness, pride and team.” After moving up to a higher league for the 2021 season, the WSC baseball team is looking to develop both as players and as a cohesive whole. The team will be making day-by-day adjustments to improve and compete as baseball players, as teammates and as people.

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Joe Martin

Coach Joe Martin comes to Webb after coaching during the 2021-22 baseball season at the Bentley School in the Bay Area. Martin also played baseball his freshman year of college at University of North Carolina, Ashville.

Martin believes that since baseball is a team sport, every player is needed. There are three main goals for the baseball team:

  1. Create a culture of inclusion where every player is utilized and contributes to support the team.
  2. Create a culture of improvement where players and coaches are open to new information and feedback.
  3. Compete and win.

Coach Martin’s coaching philosophy is to improve each players’ skills and find where they will best succeed on the field.

Martin, who holds a doctorate from UC Berkeley, is a Webb science teacher. Read more about him here.

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