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In 2019, for the first time in team history, WSC won its first league championship. The volleyball program is one of Webb’s most admired and supported athletic endeavors. In addition to its accolades, the volleyball team prides itself on being a true family, with players committed to supporting each other as they strive each year to improve their game and unite as true representatives of The Webb Schools.

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Annalise Reynos is interim coach for the WSC volleyball team.

Coach Reynosa played volleyball for 11 years, playing at Claremont High School for four years and then at the collegiate level for UC Merced’s volleyball team as a DS/Libero from 2014-2018. While at UC Merced she helped lead her team to its first ever post-season tournament appearance as a freshman and  continued that success with post=season appearances every year. Reynosa has also coached at the club level.

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