Brendan Beikmann, Ph.D.

Colorado State College – B.A.
Penn State – Ph.D.

Professional focus: I teach Neuroscience, Advanced Studies in Anatomy and Physiology. Sometimes, I also teach AP Biology and Evolutionary Biology. I am developing a new class called Honors Microbiology and Immunology. I am also a strength and conditioning coach at Webb with the primary focus of working in the weigh room during out Functional Fitness afternoon activity. I have also been the adviser for the VCWS Honor Cabinet for the last three years.

Scholarly or professional activities: My Ph.D is in neuroscience, and I’ve published a book chapter and a research article dealing with aspects of serotonin.

I also hold two coaching credentials with distinction from the National Strength & Conditioning Association for weight room training and I am working on a third certirication in performance and sports science. I am a former professional weightlifter with some Colorado state records and a one-time U.S. record-holder – 623 lbs. squat at 181 lbs. body weight.

I’m also a member of the Claremont Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Grew up: Thornton, Colorado

Live on campus: Yes

Years as a teacher: Six, all at Webb

Favorite spot at Webb: Weight room/gym

Favorite music or musician: Pretty much everything with a focus on country, oldies, classic rock, rap and pop.

Favorite TV show or movie: My favorite TV show is Star Trek (both TNG and DS9) and my favorite movie series is the Rocky movies.

Saturday routine:During the year, I tend to use Saturdays to catch up on work or stuff that needs to be completed for the week. During the summer, I typically use Saturday to get additional sleep and to spend time with my 1-year-old daughter and wife. Overall, my weekends tend to be pretty low-key and quiet.