Ardina Greco

San Francisco Art Institute – B.A.
Columbia University – Ed. M.

Professional focus: Teach Art AB , Honors Art. I advise in VWS, I’m the co-dorm head of Jones and a BIPOC dorm advisor.

Scholarly or professional activities: I am  participating in a series of backpacking trips for artist/artist teachers in collaboration with artist Christina Mesiti for the Emplacement Society. Prior to teaching at Webb, I was a freelance museum educator and professor of museum education at Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City.

Grew up: I’m originally from Orange County, California and my family still lives there.

Favorite spot at Webb: Jones dorm

Favorite music or musician: Jefferson Airplane – I love Grace Slick

Favorite book or author: I love reading James Reynolds books with my 8-year-old son. Just try to read Look Both Ways without crying. The writer who has impacted my teaching the most is John Dewey.

Favorite TV show or movie: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Saturday routine: If I’m not camping, I wake up early and take a long walk or hike with my family. Midday we eat together, then we have some independent rest or playtime. In the afternoon we might do yard work or spend time with friends.