Billie Guerrero

University of La Verne – B.S.
CSU San Bernardino – M.S.

Professional focus: I hold a B.A. in anthropology from the University of La Verne and an M.S. in geology from Cal State San Bernardino. I teach Evolutionary Biology and I am active in community service and paleontology.

Scholarly or professional activities: I work on the ethics board at the University of La Verne and work closely with the IE Hope Collective, an organization aimed at providing relief for the houseless. I worked as an educator at the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology for five years and taught in the Junior Scholars Summer Program before joining Webb’s faculty full time in 2022-23.

Grew up: San Bernardino

Favorite spot at Webb: The Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology

Favorite music or musician/band: I am all over the place with music. I really appreciate lyrical hip-hop, dark 80s, indie music, etc. My favorite musicians at the moment are Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead and Mitski. 

Favorite book or author: I love comic books! Specifically, Batman: Court of Owls (or any Batman), Sandman, Hellblazer and Watchmen. My favorite authors include Junji Ito and Stephen King. 

Favorite TV show or movie: My favorite movie is Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, however, I enjoy the horror genre. Some of my favorite shows right now are The Mandalorian, The Boys, Peacemaker, Mindhunter, Dexter and Stranger Things

Typical Saturday routine: On Saturdays, I love to make a big breakfast for my kids! I also enjoy going on a long run or hike and have an outing with the kids or watch a movie with them.