Nika Haleftiras

Caltech – B.S. in biology
University of Miami – M.A. in biology

Professional focus: I teach Integrated Physics & Chemistry and AP Environmental Science. I got to coach WSC basketball in 2020-21, which was 100% the highlight of the pandemic year.

Scholarly or professional activities: I have worked in conservation technology with the San Diego Zoo. At the Aquarium of the Pacific, I’ve worked on marine mammal identification, venturing out on boats several times a week to study whales, with a goal of identifying individual blue whales as they travel through the region. At the La Brea Tar Pits, I’ve assisted with Project 23 — a years-long effort to review 23 massive boxes of fossils gathered during construction of underground parking at the neighboring Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This year, I’m finishing my Master of Arts in biology.

Grew up: San Diego

Favorite spot at Webb: Inside the gym, getting to run up and down the court

Favorite music or musician: This is my least favorite question ever as I have quite a hodgepodge taste in music but when told to pick, I like to say classic rock.

Favorite book or author: My favorite author of all time is Jane Austen but my favorite book that I’ve read this year was Dune (but that might have had to do with the book club I read it with and getting to watch the movie from the 80s with Sting).

Favorite TV show or movie: LOL – whatever is newest on Netflix/Disney+ (I watch everything). Of all time, my favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast (animated, of course). And the one TV show I have religiously watched for too many years is MTV’s The Challenge

Saturday routine: 8 a.m. workout, 9 a.m. Elite workout class; recently been taking Gus to puppy school. Then, either work or watch TV or read my book; sometimes I go to Saturday evening church, and usually Saturday night is movie night.