Brian Kays

San Diego State University – B.A.
Mount St. Mary's College – M.S.

Professional focus: Teach Integrated Physics & Chemistry and Science and Engineering; coach the VWS basketball team; expert in educational policy on gender in science

Scholarly or professional activities: I was a master teacher policy fellow 2018-19 for the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)/American Institute of Physics (AIP), where I specialized in educational policy in physics surrounding gender and minorities. I am a 2021-22 lead ambassador of a group of Teacher Advocates for STEPUP, which is a national community of physics teachers, researchers and professional societies. We design high school physics lessons to empower teachers, create cultural change and inspire young women to pursue physics in college.

I am a co-program designer and co-founder of Underrepresented Teachers of Physics Fellowship (UTOP) for AAPT/AIP. The effort will help to create master teacher Instructional leaders by partnering early career or preservice physics teachers from underrepresented populations with more established physics teachers who are also from underrepresented populations to build a community of experts. The effort launches in fall 2022. Along with all this, I am an educational makerspace consultant, where I lend insight to the building and creation of makerspaces in academic environments.

Grew up: I was born in Montclair, California

Favorite spot at Webb: The gym, being on the hardwood floor is soothing after coaching for 20 years at the high school and college level.

Favorite music or musician: I appreciate most genres of music and don’t have a favorite.

Favorite book or author: Finding Your Element, by my former email mentor Sir Ken Robinson

Favorite TV show or movie: I really enjoyed Mr. Robot.

Saturday routine: Breakfast with the family, work around the house, brew some beer, go on an outing with my wife and daughter; no Saturday is the same when one keeps busy.