Viviana Nicolosi

Marquette University – B.A.
Université de Montpellier – Licence de Lettres
New York University – M.A.
Boise State University – Certificate

Professional focus: I teach Honors Spanish 2 and 3, French 2 and Honors French 2. I am assistant coach for the WSC varsity soccer team.

Scholarly or professional activities: My master’s degree is in French literature and my certificate is in industrial design. I take wheel-throwing classes at a local studio and am honing my skills at home. I like to do woodworking as well and plan on building a dining table.

Years as an educator: 20, with three at Webb

Grew up: Everywhere! Puerto Rico, New Jersey, Indiana, France, New York, Maryland, and now here

Live on campus: Yes

Favorite spot at Webb: Chandler Field

Favorite book or author: The Broken Circle by Enjeela Ahmadi-Miller

Favorite TV show or movie: I don’t often get to watch TV, but I have enjoyed Ted Lasso, Moon Knight and even House.

Saturday routine: Up early, breakfast with the family, off to soccer, run errands, grade and prep, dinner with the fam, grade/prep and crash.