Ken Rosenfeld

Teacher, Dean of Campus Life
Occidental College – B.A.
Logan University – M.S.

Professional Focus: Dean of Campus Life, which includes supervising Hooper Community Center and all its operations, including the Spirit Store and Cafe 1175. I teach Honors Ethics and Modern Global Affairs and Honors Mythology. I also advise the Chapel Council and oversee the Sunday Chapel Program, the Weekend Program, the Community Dinner Program and the Club Program. In spring, I am the head coach for VWS and WSC swim and dive.

Scholarly or professional activities: I am an avid believer in creative endeavors and consult on marketing, branding and web design for several startups. I have also run my own catering company, a boba production and delivery service, and a personal training and dietary consultation program.

Grew up: San Gabriel Valley

Favorite spot at Webb: Too many to choose one. Hooper is beginning to feel like a home-away-from-home; the sound of waves lapping over the edge of the pool deck is hard to beat; my new home at the top of Alamo Lawn is a favorite; and the smells of the Dining Hall bring a smile to my face every time I walk in.

Favorite music or musician: It’s all about the Journey – 80s power ballads and anthems.

Favorite book or author: I’m a sucker for adventure novels. Classic Clive Cussler (Dirk Pitt novels) are a go-to for me.

Favorite TV show or movie: So hard to narrow down. The Matrix blows my mind every time I watch it and you can’t go wrong with The West Wing – Sorkin at his best.  

Saturday routine: Up with the sun. Take care of the dogs and prep my morning concoction of whey protein, collagen peptides, and lion’s mane mushroom coffee. Hit the Webb gym for about an hour then spend the rest of the day doing something with food – some combination of shopping, cooking, experimenting, eating and sharing. The best Saturdays end with a full round of mahjong with family and friends.