Theresa Smith, Ph.D.

Teacher, Head of School
UC Berkeley – B.A.
UC San Diego – M.A., Ph.D.

Professional focus: I love exploring various aspects of the humanities with students, from art history to the Enlightenment to entrepreneurship and Spanish literature.

Scholarly or professional activities: I am the author of The Emerging Female Citizen: Gender and Enlightenment in Spain. Reading about history and women’s studies remains a passion, as does thinking about the future of education.

Grew up: I was born in Panama but grew up in Denver, Colorado

Favorite spot at Webb: I love my campus home. A close second is the benches under the chapel portico. It is an incredibly serene place.

Favorite book or author: Impossible to choose! Isabel Allende and Margaret Atwood are long-time favorites.

Typical Saturday routine: Depends on what’s happening at Webb. Sunday is more predictable: homemade waffles are generally involved.