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In-person sessions are optional and intended to supplement our online afternoon program, not supplant it. All students will still be meeting together online each week and students not able to attend in person will be given equivalent workouts they can do to advance and maintain their fitness in anticipation of a potential return to competition.

The goal of our in-person activities is to allow students the opportunity to work together with their peers, stay in shape, and practice fundamental, sport-specific skills in a safe setting.

Webb will be following the youth sports guidelines as set forth by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health — LA County Youth Sports Guidelines. Athletic and other administrative staff will monitor practices to ensure compliance with protocols.

Yes, and many games and matches are archived, too. For some sports, we also send live updates to families to ensure they are as connected as possible with you on game day.

Yes — in fact, we encourage it! Learning to play a sport not only builds strength, skills and confidence, it helps you discover your unbounded potential for successfully meeting new challenges.

Teams typically meet for two hours of practice on weekday afternoons, meaning you’ll benefit from physical activity almost every school day. Depending on the sport, games, matches and tournaments take place in late afternoon, evenings and weekends.

Webb’s athletics program generally offers three seasons of play annually (however, in 2020-21 three seasons have been combined into two seasons by the California Interscholastic Federation), and you may choose to participate in a sport each season. Getting involved in multiple sports is a great way to get to know other Webbies and coaches and develop and hone skills.

All students are welcome to continue a sport they are passionate about, or try a new one at Webb. There are three sports seasons each year — fall, winter and spring. Tryouts vary by sport and are generally used for placement on varsity and junior varsity teams.