Hybrid Education Model

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In accordance with the Los Angeles County Public Health Department’s guidance for schools and HIPAA privacy rules, our nurses will follow established procedures for community notification. When the Health Center receives notification of a positive/suspected case of, or close contact to COVID-19 in our Webb community:

Notice is sent to any student/family who has been on campus during the same time frame as the infected person. This notice will share basic information, but not specific details, and will remind families that if their student had possibility of close contact (from contact tracing information), they will be notified separately.

For those on the same team/activity as the infected person but without close contact, nurses will send additional communication with instructions to monitor for emerging symptoms. This notice will share additional details about possible exposure.

Anyone identified as a close contact to an infected person will be contacted directly by a Webb nurse, instructed to contact their primary care physician, arrange for a PCR test and quarantine until negative results are received.

Webb is required to report any positive COVID-19 test to the Los Angeles County Public Health Department within one business day of being notified if the person had been at school any point in the 14 days prior to becoming ill.

No notice will be sent to students/families who have not been on campus.

As always, the Health Center team is here to support you – please reach out if you have any questions or concerns: healthservices@webb.org.


Screening testing is one key layer in Webb’s comprehensive health and safety plan. We will test members of the community (students and adults) participating in on-campus programming using Abbot’s BinaxNOW COVID-19 antigen testing. This test takes about two minutes to perform, utilizes an anterior nose swab administered by a medical professional and gives results within 15 minutes. More information on this product can be found at https://www.fda.gov/media/141569/download.

It is important to note that, while the BinaxNOW test has high accuracy rates, this or any antigen test typically cannot detect lower levels of virus and therefore may yield a false-negative result. This is one reason why the cadence and frequency of testing is important. As with any diagnostic test, the BinaxNOW may yield a false-positive result; this is why PCR testing, which is highly sensitive, is used to verify results. Still, research shows that the ability to test frequently, with immediate results, is key to controlling virus spread. Screening testing is just another layer of protection for our community, in addition to daily health assessment (Passport), mask-wearing, physical distancing, hand-washing and special cleaning protocols — all are needed to keep our community healthy.

Following best practices and the advice of our Medical Advisory Board, Webb’s Health Center professionals have created a community testing schedule, and the frequency of tests (once or twice per week) will typically depend on the number of days per week a person is on campus. Please know that, depending on the health needs of the community, the testing cadence may be altered at any time without notice.

Any member of the community who tests positive to the antigen test will be taken to our COVID isolation area. One of Webb’s RNs will assess symptoms, ask contact-tracing questions, administer a PCR test and contact parents to take their child home. You will also receive instructions to contact your primary care physician and to isolate at home pending the PCR test result. Webb’s nurses will stay in contact with you throughout the testing, isolation and ultimate return to campus process.


We look forward to the possibility of offering on-campus study groups starting March 1. We know our students have missed being on campus and need the opportunity to be supported with the challenges of distance learning, to be around their peers and have some time between class studying and being together.

Guided by L.A. County’s protocols for schools and our Medical Advisory Board, we believe we can host these groups safely. This will require, of course, your cooperation, and thus it is important that you read, understand and agree to the protocols below in advance of registering to participate. Please note that we continue to monitor community spread and will suspend plans for these activities if we do not feel it is safe to proceed.

Both on and off campus, all participating students and faculty/staff will need to follow the guidelines outlined in Webb’s Health and Safety Protocols.

General Protocols

1) All participants must complete a daily health assessment before entering campus and participating in activities.

2) Entrance and exit to campus will be monitored before and following study group arrival and departure for compliance with all health and safety protocols.

3) Students will remain in assigned cohorts of students and faculty/staff of no larger than 16 members. Except when in individual study spaces, all of their time on campus will be spent outdoors.

4) All participants will be required to physically distance at all times, six feet or more, and also wear a mask unless alone in their assigned study room with the door closed or eating in a designated area.

5) Every participant, each student, faculty and staff member, must agree in writing by signing A Community Pledge, that they have read and understood and will abide by Webb’s Health and Safety Protocols.


We are working with all of our international students to help them navigate the issues surrounding their student visas and travel restrictions. Our hybrid educational model will allow all Webb students to start the new school year on time, whether or not their return to campus is delayed. If international students are unable to travel to campus by the start of the school year, they will begin the year using our online program and transition to our in-person program when travel is possible. The campus will be open to boarding students over school breaks.

The college guidance office maintains continuous contact with admission offices at the nation’s top colleges and universities across the country and around the world. As admission reps this fall work to reorder their plans for student recruitment, they will be in communication with Webb’s college guidance office. Colleges and universities know Webb’s program well and will continue to rely on us to educate stellar graduates to join their campuses. This important work will continue in 2020-21 and beyond.

Our college guidance experts will continue to work closely with admission offices in the most selective colleges and universities in the country and around the world. Our highly individualized four-year college guidance program is well structured to meet the evolving needs of students and families as they progress through Webb’s program. The new year will include additional online/virtual programming with Webb students, staff and college representatives around the country.

Webb will continue to offer unique and engaging afternoon activities through our on-campus and online programs. Signature programs include robotics, debate, museum studies and more. Our hybrid model will enable us to offer afternoon activities in some new and exciting ways.

With most schools in our state online, the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) pushed back the start of high school sports and merged the traditional three seasons into two. It is our hope athletic practices could start in some way this spring, as public health protocols allow. Webb will keep students and families posted on developments as they occur. The two new season year are:

Fall (December – February): VWS Cross Country, WSC Cross Country, Football, VWS Volleyball, WSC Volleyball, VWS Water Polo, WSC Water Polo

Spring (March – June): Badminton, VWS Basketball, WSC Basketball, VWS Golf, WSC Golf, VWS Soccer, WSC Soccer, Softball, Swimming & Diving, VWS Tennis, WSC Tennis, Track & Field, Wrestling


Yes, we will be adding additional resources in this area for the coming school year. Webb’s support is multi-layered and includes the Health Center, mental health counselors, peer advisors, lead class advisors and other trained faculty and staff. In addition, personal learning plan coordinators will take an active role in monitoring and assessing each student’s progress and needs in this area.

We know that physical connection and proximity is important to how students interact with each other. With that said, we also know that physical distancing is extremely effective in stopping the spread of the virus. We will be working to educate students on the most up-to-date health protocols and the scientific reasoning behind them. We will expect everyone in the community to abide by our New Health & Safety Protocols, just as we expect them to follow other community norms.

The goal is to accommodate every student when they are ready and able to return to campus — not on a first-come, first-served basis. Webb has enough dorm beds to serve its boarding student population — it has not and will not over-enroll the boarding program.

Depending on virus threat levels at the time Webb opens its campus to boarding students, our Medical Advisory Board, on the advice of local health agencies, may require us to accommodate students in single rooms. Webb will strive to accommodate our students on campus to the best of our abilities within these constraints and will work with families to find local accommodations within commuting distance of campus.

Webb was already beginning to look at moving beyond its online class management system Haiku in the fall of 2019. A work group of the Academic Council identified new systems, as well as discussed pedagogical needs. The Canvas system stood out for several reasons. It is a robust system, while others like Google Classroom or Blackboard are designed mainly to offer assignment posting and a gradebook. Canvas, especially with the Canvas Studio extension we are implementing, offers powerful collaboration and communication tools that enable students and faculty to create robust content within the system. It also integrates well with other systems we use, such as Office 365, which is used for email and more. It has a terrific mobile app as well.

A major component of Webb’s program is hands-on learning. The faculty has created ways for students to participate in a range of hands-on experiences, even as they are learning from home. In science, for example, we are supporting and enabling student lab work at home, as well as using new online tools for science experimentation, including virtual reality labs.

Webb will be shifting its daily schedule to support the new Hybrid Learning Model and to respond to recommendations from its medical advisory board for each time module. In the month before each time module, students will work with a personalized learning plan coordinator who will help them map out their daily schedule. The sample “day in the life” models in the Hybrid Learning Model publication will give you an idea of the full and exciting days ahead.

Most international families access medical health insurance through the Clifford Allan program with United Health Care. Please contact our Health Center at 909-482-52053 for more information on costs and coverage.

Webb confirmed that this policy does cover COVID-related illness (treatment and symptomatic testing). We’ve also confirmed that the policy is, as always, active anywhere outside the student’s home country. But in addition, the policy will also be in force in the student’s home country at least through December 31; this timeframe could be extended by the insurance commission depending on the pandemic situation.

Parents are advised to compare this program with other home-country options to determine which provides the best coverage. In general, purchasing the 10- and 12-month plans are a better value; this decision should have been made by mid-September.

We are proud of the many ways our new hybrid educational model will provide an extraordinary education while advancing Webb’s mission and values. The flexible model offers an on-campus experience (boarding and day) and an innovative and robust learning program (online) for students who chose it for reasons of travel delays and restrictions or because they feel it is the best program option for them as school begins in the fall.

As part of the program, every Webb student will create a personalized learning plan. Working with students and families, plan coordinators will identify student-learning goals, assist students in navigating Webb’s offerings, provide off-campus students with connections to local resources and work closely with advisors to ensure students are thriving.

Webb faculty and staff will be dedicating a significant portion of the summer months to preparing the campus for students to return and to further developing our new hybrid model.

Maintaining a safe and healthy campus community and learning environment is Webb’s top priority. As such, we are committed to complying with government and agency mandates, employing best practices, making informed decisions, and establishing campus access and program controls in response to shifting local, national and global realities. Please review our New Health & Safety Protocols for the 2020-21 school year.

Our first day of scheduled classes was Monday, September 7. Additional dates, including our Opening Days and school breaks are available on in our New Hybrid Educational Model Program.