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Webb offers a host of co-curricular programs in a range of disciplines, including dance, debate, music, paleontology, robotics, theater and studio art. Webb also provides opportunities for students to extend their education beyond campus through experiential programs such as our trips program, which offers domestic and international trips during school breaks and in the summer, and our bi-annual Unbounded Days, which offers immersive, collaborative, relevant experiences that connect the classroom to the broader world. Highly qualified students who wish to undertake serious study in an area not covered by the Webb curriculum may propose an Independent Study course, and students who complete all of the course offerings at the advanced level in a given department may seek to enroll in courses at the Claremont Colleges, with the proper approvals. Webb provides an overview of its programs in its Course of Study, used as a course selection guide.


You are encouraged to choose a challenging and varied curriculum based on ability and interests as well as on academic and career goals. Returning students consult with their advisor, teachers and parents while making their course selections for the following year. New students should discuss course choices with their parents. The director of studies will review the academic programs and overall loads of individual students. In addition, the director of college guidance will examine junior and senior course selections to ensure that they meet the requirements of the schools to which students are applying. Each student’s advisor, department chairs and the director of studies are available to answer questions about course selection.

The Webb Schools are committed to providing you with the support you need to achieve success at all levels of our academic program. Your primary source of assistance and guidance is your classroom teacher, and you may attend faculty office hours (offered four times per week) or schedule appointments to meet individually or in small groups with teachers before school, in a common free period, at lunch or outside the academic day. There are also evening labs in nearly all subjects during the week. All of these sessions can be used to review course content, improve study skills, prepare for tests or get help on an assignment. You may also team up with peer study partners to give and get support with classwork and exam prep. In addition, Webb maintains a tutor pool of approved and vetted tutors who are cleared to work on campus. Webb outlines its academic program in a course selection guide called the Course of Study.

A selection of courses at Webb are more rigorous and thus carry an Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), or Advanced Studies (AdvSt) designation. Honors courses differ from standard sections by incorporating advanced content. AP courses adhere to the content and methods prescribed by the College Board for that subject and include test-preparation activities and practice. AP-level classes and Advanced Studies courses (designed by Webb faculty) engage students in high-level intellectual pursuits; they are characterized by their depth of study, their embrace of the latest in academic research and their attention to making connections among disciplines. Learn more in Webb’s Course of Study, which serves as a course selection guide.

For a complete listing of required classes you can consult our Course of Study, which also serves as a course selection guide In addition to subject-specific requirements, 9th-grade students are required to take three core classes: Foundations of Civilization a one-semester course on the politics, economies, religions, social norms and artistic-intellectual production of cultures around the world; Fundamentals of Composition is a one-semester course that provides an immersive introduction to multidisciplinary thinking, critical analysis and writing, speaking, presentation and debate; and Evolutionary Biology is a two-semester course that explores Earth’s history, the history of life and evolution in geological time and modern genetics research and theory.

Tenth-grade students, in addition to subject-specific requirements, also participate in three core classes: The American Idea is a one-semester course that focuses on the question of what makes an American text or artwork “American”; American Society, Past & Present is a one-semester course that looks at American attempts to create an ideal society and balance the conflicting interests of a diverse nation; and Integrated Physics & Chemistry is a two-semester course that introduces students to the study of matter, chemical reactions and energy, and then builds on those concepts to explore more advanced ideas like thermodynamics and the quantum structure of atoms.

Webb does not offer weekend classes. There are many weekend activities, chapel and special Sunday programs throughout the year for the entire community.

Students have evening lab opportunities across the curriculum, as well as evening study hours.

Webb has an extensive advisory program and curriculum. A small group of students work closely with a single faculty member who also acts as a principle contact for parents.

Webb offers a number of AP courses in world languages, mathematics & computer Science and the sciences. In addition and beyond the AP, Webb offers a wide array of Advanced Studies courses across the curriculum.

All students are required to take five classes. Many Webb students carry a load of six classes one or both semesters. Students are not allowed to take seven classes.