Honor, Civility and Community

October 13, 2020

By Taylor Stockdale

Now that regular classes are officially underway and we are beginning to settle into our regular routines, I am sending out my annual reminder of some of the small but important rules which relate to deportment, respect for one another, and overall civility. Webb prides itself on honor, trust and community. As such, please keep the following in mind as we set out to build our community for the 2018-19 school year.

Honor Each Other

I understand that the use of electronic devices is everywhere. But please, let’s say hello to one another when we pass each other on the quad or on a pathway, or wherever we see each other. Let’s not forget the power of personal conversation. And let’s respect each other enough to drop our phones—if even for a moment—to say hello, and to mean it. Let’s also put phones away when in the chapel, and whenever we are an audience. 

Honor Our Campus

Please remove caps and hats when indoors—especially in Price Dining Hall, the Vivian Webb Chapel or in a classroom during the academic day. Most of you know that this is important to me—especially in the dining hall. It is a sign of respect—especially with our nation’s flag and flags of other nations hanging over head.

Honor Those Who Take Care of Us

Let’s keep in mind all of the people here working on our behalf. Especially keep in mind the kitchen and facilities staffs. Let’s be sure to pick up after ourselves so that someone else doesn’t need to do it for us. And please… let’s all bus our plates and glasses after meals.

Honor Ourselves

Finally, let me state the obvious just as a reminder. Let’s watch our language—swearing isn’t necessary. Inappropriate contact (public display of affection) is equally unnecessary and makes people feel pretty uneasy. Take care of your property, and while we do have an honor code, it isn’t wise to leave our things completely exposed. Take care of yourself and your belongings.

October 13, 2020

9:51 AM PDT