Student Life

Beyond the Classroom

Clubs and activities at Webb are excellent ways for students to explore extra-curricular interests in an enjoyable and instructive environment. Official afternoon activities at Webb utilize the best of our on-campus resources, while also making use of our proximity to Los Angeles and the wilderness areas of Southern California. Clubs offer students ample self-directed leadership opportunities and a diverse set of interest areas. Each fall, students form more than 70 clubs – some favorites that return each year, others newly conceived. Clubs focus on topics from sports to cultural activities, academics to community service.

Theater Experience at Webb

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Student Service

Service to the community is an essential part of Webb’s philosophy of leadership development, whether the community is a single dormitory, the Claremont-Pomona area or an entire nation. At Webb, we believe that service should be a calling, not an obligation, so community service hours are not required, but the rewards of service are immense, and we encourage every student to get involved.

Our approach to community service strongly emphasizes hands-on participation. We believe students gain the most when they can see the direct results of their work and realize just how powerful their service can be. Webb provides four to five service opportunities each month, and allows students to focus on service as an afternoon activity.

Some of our service opportunities include:

  • Working with special needs children through Ability First
  • Preparing books to send to inmates at the Prison Library Project
  • Building houses with Habitat for Humanity
  • Assisting elderly residents of the nearby Sunrise Senior Center
  • Tutoring local elementary school students through CLASP (Claremont After-School Program)
  • Cleaning up Southern California beaches with members of Webb’s Project Earth group
  • Organizing AIDS awareness events through the Global Citizens Corp
  • Helping place dogs and cats in new homes with HOPE (Helping Out Pets Everyday)
  • Running an annual blood drive for the Red Cross

Service opportunities aren’t limited to the local area. Each year, Webb’s Service Council organizes international service trips over spring and summer breaks, involving everything from building schools to assisting with tsunami relief. Past destinations have included Peru, Fiji, Ecuador, Romania, Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica and Thailand.

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Community Service
KWEB Radio
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Student Communications

Webb is home to three primary student media — The Webb Canyon Chronicle, KWEB radio and El Espejo, the student yearbook — in addition to our literary magazine and other club-based publications.

Each organization follows a structure unique to its needs.

Webb Canyon Chronicle: The student publication has its roots in the old Blue & Gold newspaper, which has a storied history. It was launched within six years of the Webb’s founding and featured the occasional story written by Will Rogers, whose son attended Webb. These days, the Chronicle is an online media tool with a presence on social media. The publication is run as part of an journalism class sequence.

KWEB: Webb’s historic radio station has taken on a new guise as a podcast-based media outlet. Students devote each episode to a single theme, reporting stories around those themes. The program is run as an afternoon activity in fall and spring.

EL ESPEJO: Webb’s yearbook, launched in 1928, is run as a student activity in fall and winter, with students gathering images and writeups to capture the year.


Webb Clubs

Providing a beginner-friendly debate program that focuses on impromptu and lighthearted topics.

Caring for animals in shelter through volunteering and educating about native wildlife and wildlife conservation.

Providing aspiring architects with opportunities to turn their architectural design into illustrated models.

Advocating for the arts, student artists and artistic growth at The Webb Schools and extending cultural enrichment through exhibitions and educational opportunities.

Connecting and networking while learning about promoting yourself and products, embracing new perspectives in marketing.

Educating the community about bioethics and providing a safe space where students can ask questions or share their thoughts.

Expanding opportunities for students to learn and conduct research about life.

Exploring biological and medical concepts through hands-on experiments and research at Webb’s biotech lab and possibly Harvey Mudd College.

Getting girls more involved in the biomedical research field by providing opportunities to do lab work, learn about research and meet professionals. Focuses on girls, but open to all.

Familiarizing the Webb community with black culture and providing a safe space to talk about past and current events.

Focused on skateboards, surfboards, snowboards and almost anything else we can ride while building a sense of community and commitment.

Providing a place for readers to rant about books, share book recommendations and spread our love of reading!

Nurture next-generation scientists through chemistry activities, research, competitions and outreach/tutoring at local middle and elementary schools.


Playing chess for fun and advancing our skills.

Sharing the culture of China’s 56 ethnic groups through music, stories, food and history, including weekend activities.

Expressing a passion for culinary art and learning tips and techniques for creating delicious food.

Providing a recreational space for PC fans to discuss ideas and for non-enthusiasts to get hands-on computer experience.

Getting Webb thrilled with Dungeons & Dragons and other roleplaying games.

Advocating for the blind and creating a safe space for dialogues in the dark with lots of art, music and food.

Engaging the Webb community in the local natural environment and educating about larger environmental issues through activism and outreach

Promoting faith and spirituality within Webb community.

Sharing Filipino culture through events such as P-Drama nights, food gatherings and traditional games.

Providing a platform for Webb students to learn skills in cinematography, script writing, directing, editing, film appreciation and so much more, as well as to bring together students of diverse skill sets and interests together to tell stories through film.

Promoting enthusiasm for the French language and global Francophone cultures through fun, interactive and community-enriching activities.

Sharing the charm, thrill and influence of one of the world’s oldest strategy games.

Helping beginners learn golf and experienced players improve their game.

Supporting and advocating for queer Webb students through information on issues, history and activism. Our highest priority is ensuring that queer students have a safe environment where they can express themselves.

Educating Webb students on the field of medicine by hosting talks by professional medical personnel.

Building excitement for the discipline of finance and asset management.

Expanding interest in popular Korean culture like K-Pop and K-Dram as well as lesser-known parts of authentic culture.

Educating and entertaining students through lacrosse using experienced teachers, hands-on play and in-depth analysis.

Creating a space where the Latinx community and culture can be celebrated events and activities such as movie nights, cooking activities, Latinx Awareness events, etc.

Promoting honest and respectful political and personal discussion to break down barriers, explore novel ideas and broadening our perspectives.

Increasing the number of pet adoptions by spreading awareness and love to the community and promoting service at local rescue centers.


Focusing on prevention of common water-related injuries through First Aid training and lifeguard preparation.

Celebrating literature and the English language, from poetry to classical literature to works of fiction and nonfiction, through activities that include peer tutoring and book drives.

Sharing China’s national pastime, a strategic game that boosts memorization, concentration and other qualities. Mahjong is more than recreation.

Connecting with students who enjoy Marvel movies, comics, TV shows or any other media within the Marvelverse.

Sharing the love and joy of math through by bringing people together to tackle challenging problem, compete in contest and old community events.

Shipping recycled and gently used picture books to children in Peru.

Sharing the rich and exciting culture of the Middle East through fun and exciting activities and events.

Cultivating an inclusive, empowering space within the Webb community for students of multicultural/multiethnic/multiracial heritage.

Educating students about world issues and helping them to cultivate skills related to public speech and compromise.

Creating a safe space for students to share their love and interests in underrated music genres/ artists, including random dance activities, trivia games and the dance performance at Jubilee in spring.

Bringing together individuals from all skill levels who share an interest in music production and teaching production skills, production analysis and production software in all genres.

Advocating for women’s rights and other social justice issues on campus and in the surrounding community.

Providing educational input and analysis of historical and religious texts to de-stigmatize occultism’s reputation and serving as a safe space for anyone who identifies as pagan or wishes to learn more about paganism.

Helping youths engage in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) so they might pursue those subjects in the college and careers.

Sharing the art of paper folding.

Exploring and interacting with paleontology by utilizing the unique opportunity offered to us by the Alf Museum.

Exploring the world of photography with an open mind and desire for creativity.

Teaching more about the instrument, fostering an environment where people can discuss their favorite pieces and computers and using music to make a positive impact on our community.

Creating a space where anyone can participate, have fun and strengthen friendships.

Nurturing individual and social well-being through education, learning about the incarceration and rehabilitation system and providing service to the PLP.

Applying our creativity to serve the community by painting secondhand sneakers and donating them to people in need.

Creating soap, promoting good hygiene and supporting homeless outreach organizations.

Inspiring young entrepreneurs to explore and challenge themselves by partaking new ventures that are profitable to individuals and their community.

Supporting the South Asian community at Webb by representing our culture through films, dancing and art.

Bringing together Star Wars fans and introducing new people to the franchise.

Encouraging sustainability, technology and entrepreneurship for our personal enrichment as well as to improve our world through technology.

Empowering and appreciating the work that women have done in the past and continue to do to fight for women’s rights in a creative way that engages the Webb community.

Creating a fun and inclusive space for students to celebrate anime.

Providing a platform for all instrumentalists, singer, and music enthusiasts to exchange knowledge, improve skills and gain access to experiences. Our operation focuses on performances throughout the year.

Exploring and enjoying the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Creating a healthy, interesting and meaningful gaming community at Webb.

Promoting integrity and goodwill through volunteer work and fundraisers, including support of Uncommon Good and the Josyln Center as well as a dental clinic founded by the Rotary Club in Santa Catarina Mita, Guatemala.

Building a community of knitters of all skill levels, whether you can knit complex lace patterns or have never casted on a project.

Providing a virtual makerspace for Webb’s community of creators and makers.

Providing a safe place for students to share their ideas on fashion, style and diversity as well as to build confidence in their fashion ideas and styles.

Giving back to our community by providing service opportunities.

Serving as a biannual online publishing space for people who are interested in STEM subjects. Here, students (and faculty!) can produce research, informative pieces, practice problems for math competitions (specifically AMC in February) and interviews.

Spreading excitement for tennis by creating an interactive and fun space for students interested in playing, watching or learning about tennis.

Bringing people together to do fun activities to help people connect better and make new friends, especially since there are a lot of new students coming to Webb for the first time.

Introducing this unique type of singing style to the Webb community.

Creating a space where students can strengthen their muscles, stabilize their joints and improve their range of motion.