Student Life

Beyond the Classroom

Webb’s afternoons are full and fun, allowing students to choose among a variety of unique academic programs (such as robotics, debate, museum and more), the arts (drama, music, technical theater), community service and our athletics program. We utilize the best of our on-campus resources, while also making use of our closeness to Los Angeles and the wilderness areas of Southern California. Clubs also offer students ample self-directed leadership opportunities and a diverse set of interest areas.

Music Performance

Outdoor Activities

Debate Team

Paleontology and Museum Research



Baseball Clinic

Theater Technical Program

Basketball Clinic

A Sampling

Afternoon Program


Associated Student Body (ASB)
Athletic Training
Basketball Clinic
Community Service
Outdoor Activities
Sports Reporting


Associated Student Body (ASB)
Baseball Clinic
Community Service
Music Performance
Outdoor Activities
Science Research Lab


Art Portfolio
Associated Student Body (ASB)
Community Service
Literary Magazine
Musical Theater
Outdoor Activities

A Sampling

Student Clubs

A Perfect Love
Anime Club
Art Club
Basketball Club
Bike Club
Biology Club
Black Student Union
Bookworm Club
Chinese Club
Classical Club
Current Affairs Club
Empowering Student Voices Initiative
Environmental Club
Fair Trade Club
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Feminist Club
Filmmaking Club
Food and Culture Club
French Club
Gauls for Kids
Girl Up Webb Schools
Give Light
Giving Children Hope
Golf Club
Helping Hearts
Indian Culture Club
iPhoto Club

Jewish Club
Knitting Club
Korean Club
Lets Talk (An Open Forum)
Mafia Club
Marathon Club
Marvel Club
Math Club
Middle Eastern Culture Club
Mock Trial Club
Multiculturalism Awareness & Pluralism
Music of the Generation Club
My School Club
Online Marketing Club
Origami Club
Paws for a Cause
Peccary Club
Philosophy Club
Physics Club
Piano Club
Ping Pong Club
Popcorn Club

Prison Library Club
Project Disarm Hate
Shoe Designing Club
Skating Club
Ski and Snowboard Club
Social Entrepreneurship Club
Spanish and Latin Club
Sports Analysis Club
Star Wars Club
STEM Makers Club
Super Smash Bros Club
The Bike Club
The Cooking Club
USITT Student Chapter
Visual Arts and Politics
Webb Investment Club
Webb Platoon/Paintball Club
Webb Plus
Webb Robotics Club
Webb String Chamber
Women in Debate Club


Student Leadership &
Community Service

At Webb, our vision of leadership is based on a model of “servant leadership”: leaders who are driven not by a desire for power and authority, but by a profound interest in serving the people around them. Servant leadership emphasizes characteristics like empathy, forward thinking, and the ability to bridge different perspectives and points of view.

Student Leadership

Webb offers a host of opportunities for students to take on significant leadership roles within our community. These roles include Student Government, Honor Cabinet and Honor Committee, which play a crucial role in upholding Webb’s Honor Code. Other examples include:

  • Student Ambassadors
  • Dorm Prefects and Counselors
  • Chapel Council
  • Peer Advisors
  • Service Council
  • Inter-club Council
  • Newspaper – Webb Canyon Chronicle
  • Yearbook – El Espejo
  • Campus Radio Station – KWEB

Student leadership roles at Webb are carefully tailored to match students’ emotional growth and social development: as students mature, they are able to take on progressively greater responsibility. At every level, adult mentors provide appropriate training, monitor students’ progress, and offer guidance about the true nature and purpose of leadership.

Student Service

At Webb, we believe that service should be a calling, not an obligation, so community service hours are not required. That being said, service to the community is an essential part of Webb’s philosophy. The rewards of service are immense, and we encourage every student to get involved.

Our approach to community service strongly emphasizes hands-on participation. We believe students gain the most when they can see the direct results of their work and realize just how powerful their service can be.

Webb has an ongoing relationship with 15 local agencies and some of our service opportunities include:

  • Working with special needs children through Ability First
  • Preparing books to send to inmates at the Prison Library Project
  • Building houses with Habitat for Humanity
  • Assisting elderly residents of the nearby Sunrise Senior Center
  • Tutoring local elementary school students through CLASP (Claremont After-School Program)
  • Cleaning up Southern California beaches with members of Webb’s Project Earth group
  • Organizing AIDS awareness events through the Global Citizens Corp
  • Helping place dogs and cats in new homes with HOPE (Helping Out Pets Everyday)
  • Running an annual blood drive for the Red Cross.

Students can work with these and other organizations either as an afternoon activity or in their free time on weekends. There are usually at least four to five service opportunities per month.

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