Notable Alumni

Jim Drasdo ’63

Webb School of California

Jim Drasdo spent 36 years at Capital Research and Management Company. When he joined, Capital managed about $1.2 billion in mutual funds distributed as the American Funds; when he retired in June 2013 the funds had grown to about $1.2 trillion. Jim joined as an analyst following the chemical and railroad industries but soon became a portfolio counsellor. Jim became president of both Fundamental Investors, one of the country's first mutual funds, and Growth Fund of America, which became the largest actively managed equity mutual fund under Jim's watch. 
He was a director of The Capital Group Companies and Capital Research and Management Company. About his career, Jim says that he was extremely fortunate to stumble into something that he really enjoyed and was reasonably good at. He also believes his timing was "fortuitous, to say the least."

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