Top Awards for Webb Debate

The Webb Debate Team is celebrating top awards after its first two league debates of the 2018-19 season. Junior Renny Jiang won First Place Speaker, her second gavel at Webb, which marks just the third time in Webb history a student has won the coveted award twice. Additionally, Webb charted a first place Tournament Award, two individual speaker awards, two second place speaker awards and several undefeated teams during the nascent season.
Early in October, Webb traveled to Sequoyah School in Pasadena to debate the following topics:
  • The United States should establish a comprehensive sixth military service – The Space Force. (pre-announced)
  • Facebook does more harm than good. (pre-announced)
  • The US should establish English as the official language (impromptu)
  • Divide California into 2 or more states (impromptu)
Three of our teams went 4-0: Eunice Yip ‘19, Renny Jiang ‘19, Alina Hu ‘20 (First Place Team award); Eleanor Corbin ‘20, Elena Tiedens ‘21, and Roger Yen ‘21; and Bridgid Corbin ‘19, Jill Ji ‘20, and Nnnenna Ochuru ‘21.

Two other Webb teams went 3-1: Cathy Yan ‘19, Jenny Han ‘21, and Leslie Huh ‘22; and Jacob Passalaqua ‘19, Jay Gupta ‘20, and Togrul Savalan ‘20.

Webb went on to win First Place Speaker Gavel (Jiang ’20), Third and Fourth Place Speaker (Passalaqua ’19, Yip ’19), First Place Team (Yip, Jiang, Hu), and finally First Place Overall for most wins in the day and First Place Tournament for highest percentage of wins.
The second debate of the season took place on the beautiful campus of Claremont McKenna College and the Webb teams debated the following topics:
  • Schools should abolish homework (pre-announced)
  • The California cashless bail system will do more harm than good (pre-announced)
  • Students should be required to complete a year of national service before attending college (impromptu)
  • Saudi Arabia is more of an enemy than an ally (impromptu)
As the points were tallied at the end of the day, Webb had a 75 percent win rate which earned them the First Place Tournament Award for the highest percentage of wins. All four of Webb’s teams placed in the top ten for the tournament, with two speakers (E. Corbin ’20 and Jiang ’20) tied for second place speaker. Gupta ’20 and Passalaqua ’19 also won individual speaker awards. In addition to the strong showing of experienced debaters, Webb brought along eight novice debate team members to observe for the day.

Webb’s debate program has grown into one of the largest extracurricular activities since its contemporary inception in 2008--when it was re-established by then students Dakota Santana-Grace '11 and Elena Scott-Kakures '11 with volunteer coach Lee Harris. Boasting an active student membership of more than 50 debaters, the team holds regular practices and is a fully recognized after school activity during the winter season. Team captains are elected by their peers and lead the team in organization for pro and con arguments for pre-announced topics, as well as coaching younger and more noviced debaters to become stronger participants.

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Alumni News

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  • Summertime at the Alf Museum

    Summer is a busy time at the Alf museum. During the first half of June, a small crew comprised of museum staff and Bob Stoddard ’15 closed out the Cripe Site in southern Utah. This quarry was discovered by Jeff Cripe ’08 back in 2005 and has been the museum’s main dig site ever since. 
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  • Support the Webb Fund by June 30!

    There are just 5 days left to make your gift to The Webb Fund. Your gift allows students to connect with talented, caring teachers who challenge them and help them grow. No matter the amount, every gift counts. Make your gift before June 30. Click here to give now.
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  • 22-1/2 Minutes with Blake Johnson ’95

    Talking to entrepreneur Blake Johnson about The Webb Schools makes for an easy interview because his answer to almost any question about Webb’s impact on his personal life, his business acumen, even his day-to-day comportment, is a resounding, “everything!”
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  • Webb 2019 Commencement Highlights

    On Saturday, June 1, members of the Class of 2019 were welcomed into the hallowed ranks of Webb alumni. 
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Webb News

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  • Honor and Moral Courage

    Christopher Michno
    Mention the word “honor” in a crowded room and you are likely to suffer quizzical glances followed by silence. Honor, to many, seems an awkward, unfashionable, even antiquated concept—something to contemplated in private or through the scrim of heroic fiction, like the blood feuds of the Capulets and Montagues, or the Grangerfords and Shepherdsons.
    Yet, Head of Schools Taylor Stockdale contends, there is something important to be gleaned from the discussion of honor, something that has been missing from our cultural climate, broadly, and in education for some time—a focus on moral clarity, of discerning, very simply, right from wrong. Stockdale insists such clarity is possible even though it doesn’t always come naturally. “You have to work at it,” but the benefits, he adds, is that moral clarity allows you to make good decisions.
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  • 22-1/2 Minutes with Blake Johnson ’95

    Talking to entrepreneur Blake Johnson about The Webb Schools makes for an easy interview because his answer to almost any question about Webb’s impact on his personal life, his business acumen, even his day-to-day comportment, is a resounding, “everything!”
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  • CASE Circle of Excellence Award: Gold Winner

    The Webb Schools is one of only two educational institutions (schools and colleges/universities) in the United States to be awarded the Council for the Advancement of Education (CASE) Circle of Excellence Award Gold for emerging fundraising programs in 2019.
    The award citation highlights Webb’s dedication to donor stewardship, combined fundraising success over three years (the most in school history), and a variety of excellent programming and publications across the board—including the production and translation of several important pieces into Chinese.
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  • WEBB Magazine

    A new edition of WEBB magazine arrives to you just after Memorial Day Weekend. Spring/Summer 2019 includes an inspiring letter from Head of Schools Taylor Stockdale on moral clarity, as well as two thought-provoking features on honor and moral courage at Webb and beyond. We highlight alumni thought leaders in a variety of interesting professions throughout.
    Our Webb Today section revisits Revisit Day 2019, explores our paleontology research program and museum, profiles faculty, philanthropy and the successes of spring athletics. Nearly 25 pages of alumni news rounds out the issue.
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