Webb@Work: A Look at Past Experiences

From a financial internship to a shadow day experience at I Like Pie, the Webb@Work program connected young alumni with internships, shadow days and networking opportunities last summer.

The program aims to connect recent Webb graduates with alumni and parents working in various fields and industries around the world. Here are a few stories from last summer's experiences, and an update from a former participant.


David Albers '16, who is studying international business at University of California, San Diego, had an internship at LPL Financial, hosted by Marcus Paredes P '11.

He gathered information on businesses and corporate structures, spoke from his experience in business and discussed ideas about what can make a startup or business successful now and in the future. Albers said he spent most of his time with Paredes and Kevin Zhu '16 discussing changes in the economic landscape in terms of legal, governmental and other external factors. "Working with fellow members of the Webb community was an excellent experience because each of us offered a diverse set of skills and experiences that allowed us to learn from each other daily, he said. "My biggest takeaway from the LPL internship is that mentorship and Webb connections are truly invaluable. When we are at Webb we are continuously told that the Webb community is just as close knit after graduation as it is before, and my experience truly attests to that."

What's next: David is focused on finishing his undergraduate education and working on a startup he created. "Marcus spent a lot of time mentoring me individually in order to prepare me for the role I play in my startup," Albers said. "I spent a lot of time with him brainstorming, strategizing and researching; this is an experience that I've only heard about at Webb."


Kevin Zhu '16 participated in an internship with LPL Financial, hosted by Marcus Paredes P '11, and a three-day shadow day experience at I Like Pie in the Claremont Village, hosted by Annika Corbin P '19, '20.

Each day Zhu spent at I Like Pie had a different focus: business and management, customer service and selling the pies, and a behind-the-scenes look at kitchen baking. Zhu said he was "introduced into a new business industry by learning the inner works of what goes on within the bakery." During the experience, Corbin and Zhu walked to other bakeries in the Claremont Village so Corbin could explain how her bakery differs from them – by focusing on sweet and savory pies alone. "This comparison showed me how she separated herself from other competition within the baking industry and this is proven with her success with her business," he said.

Zhu said his time at LPL Financial "was short, but impactful." He learned about different types of corporation forms and the benefits and negatives of each type. He and David Albers '16 worked with Paredes on small projects focused on how to improve efficiency at the company with new technology. "One of the biggest takeaways was learning how old companies are struggling to keep up with new technology because most people do not like change," Zhu noted. "It is necessary to move forward along with society and future generations in order to keep up with the competition."

What's next: Zhu hopes to own a company one day, but is currently focused on graduating from USC, where he is majoring in business administration and minoring in Chinese, and on his career in the technology and financial worlds. "These internships gave me insight within their business fields and gave me a direction of where I want to be after graduating from USC," he said.

"As a part of the Webb community, I hope I will be able to give back one day by offering my experience in life to other Webbies."


Webb@Work Update:

Jacqueline Lee '12 had her first biology laboratory experience with Dr. Jonathan Kelber '93 at the Developmental Oncogene Laboratory at California State University, Northridge in summer, 2013. During her Webb@Work experience, she "began to learn the logic of biological research methods, laboratory etiquette and procedures," Lee said. She also had the opportunity to present a scientific paper and was included as an author on a paper in 2016 for her contributions in the lab with Kelber.

"Although at that point in my life I was not yet educated on advanced biological concepts, I learned new experiment techniques, discussed published papers with lab mates, and functioned as a member of a research team," Lee said "I was more confident in taking on more sophisticated roles as I went through other projects in my undergraduate career."

Lee started medical school at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine this fall.

"I always knew that I wanted to enter medicine and a large part of medicine is research," she noted. "As I now attend a research-oriented medical school, I'd say having a good foundation from previous lab work, such as at the Kelber lab, helped me develop the skills that I have now to pursue my medical career."


If you have an internship program at your place of business, can host a young alumnus or alumna this spring or summer, or are interested in creating a shadow day or networking opportunity, we are always looking for opportunities to share with our young alumni. Click here to submit an opportunity.

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