2022 Young Alumni Cookie Mailing Brings Treats to Mailboxes

Over 290 boxes of the famous Webb Dining Hall cookies were shipped out to Webb’s young alumni in college this past February. The treats hit the mailboxes of many students as they approach the mid-term mark of their second semester.  

Webb’s Dining Hall staff took on the enormous feat of making over 2,800 of their delicious chocolate chip cookies, a student favorite. With the cookies fresh out of the oven, Webb parents assisted Alumni and Parent Relations staff with the box making, packaging, and labeling to make sure they were as fresh as possible for alumni. Thank you to all of the Webb parents for your amazing help in undertaking this fun tradition!  

Individual packages containing half a dozen cookies were shipped off to alumni at various colleges, universities, and homes in 28 states and Washington, D.C. Non-edible treats were shipped to alumni living or studying internationally so that they could enjoy a special treat from Webb even if sending food across international borders is difficult. All alumni were greeted with their treats and a special message from the Alumni Office.  

Once cookies started hitting mailboxes, young alumni showed love and gratitude for their alma mater by sharing photos of their cookies and packages – on athletic fields, gorgeous campus backdrops, in the snow, with pets, and during late night study sessions. So many alumni remarked how much they missed these cookies and being on campus. These posts and photos are a highlight for the Alumni Office each year. Check out the photos HERE from the young alumni (and they can also be viewed on our “Cookie Mailing 2022” highlight real on our @webbalumni Instagram).  

A huge thank you to all who participated, and we look forward to continuing this tradition! Please let the alumni office know if you’re craving these cookies and we would be happy to get you back on campus to enjoy the sweets and catch up with you!  

March 8, 2022

15:50 PM PST