The Webb Schools Announce Coaches of the Year

During Webb’s virtual Parents Day this past week, Head of Schools Taylor Stockdale, Assistant Head of Schools Theresa Smith, and Athletic Director Steve Wishek announced the 2019-2020 Webb School of California and Vivian Webb School Coaches of the Year.

WSC Coach of the Year – Amahl Thomas

Our WSC coach of the year has been with the school since 2013 during which time he has served as the head football coach, assistant VWS basketball coach, and assistant track coach. Over that time the football team has won 41 games and earned two post-season appearances.

Throughout his tenure, Coach Thomas has led our teams not only to success on the field, but also with honor and distinction. This is exemplified in the numerous times we have been contacted by parents and administrators from other schools praising coach and his staff for their interactions with our students. Several of these calls originated from members of the opposing team’s chain crew who work on the visiting sideline and as such get an up-close and personal view of how coaches interact with their teams. Invariably they are impressed with the positive encouragement and professionalism displayed by our coaches and staff. In addition to being an amazing coach, our coach of the year is the proud parent to two Webb alumni, a current Webb student, and likely several future Webbies as well. Our deserving 2019-20 WSC coach of the year is Amahl Thomas!

VWS Coach of the Year – Veronnica Alvarado

Our VWS coach of the year has been the VWS head basketball coach since 2014 and led the team to their first ever league championships in the 2019 and 2020 seasons. In addition to her impact as a basketball coach, our VWS coach of the year has contributed year-round to our athletic program as a frosh volleyball coach and JV badminton coach.

When Webb’s athletics shut down due to the pandemic, to the surprise of no one who know her, Coach Alvarado stepped into the breach and traveled to New York as an EMT to help care for those in need. She was profiled in a story on ABC7 for her selfless care of others in New York.

Known for her infectious enthusiasm, ability to get the most out of her teams, and deep care she has for her players, it is an honor to recognize Veronnica Alvarado as our 2019-20 VWS coach of the year!

For more on Webb’s athletics records and historical achievements, please visit our website.

February 11, 2021

11:09 AM PST