Evo Bio students create nature documentary about campus wildlife

From Dawn till Dusk tells the story of Webb’s diverse campus wildlife through poetic narration and stunning images filmed and edited by Charley Zhang ’27 and Victor Zhang ’27. The students hope the film educates the community about the ecosystem and biodiversity around Webb.

The 15-minute nature documentary is available to stream on the Webb Naturalists Club’s Instagram page. Charley and Victor co-founded the club at the beginning of the school year. They are often seen around campus, tracking wildlife to capture on film.

The duo created the film for the sustainability and ecology unit of Ms. Sawyer Belville’s Evolutionary Biology class.

“We began work on the project almost at the start of the year, but never had the idea of making it a documentary until the Evo Bio final project came out,” shared Victor.

Preparing, filming, and gathering footage took the students about three weeks, plus 10 hours of editing. They borrowed trail cameras from Ms. Lisa Nacionales to capture the footage of more elusive animals like coyotes and bears.

“Coming to Webb has exposed me to a far more diverse natural environment,” said Charley. “Conversations with avid explorers on campus, such as Connor Keeney ’24, showed us just how much life is out there.”

Charley and Victor in the Native Plants Garden during Evolutionary Biology class

Both students plan to continue their nature study in Beijing over the summer. Victor may also travel to Canada to capture footage of owls or birds not seen in the US.

May 30, 2024

12:49 PM PDT